Harvey Edwards “Ballet” Icon (plus….No to Miami: Dance Contest Closed To Miami) but…. YES TO NEW YORK AND PARIS FRANCE…..



Tiffany & Co diamond and gold “Atlas” earrings……

(“POUR MOIS ?”….)

Tiffany and Co Diamond and Gold Atlas Earrings



(above, New York Presidential Suite at The Mandarin Oriental Hotel……)




COWTOWN Denver has long been known as a "Meth Distribution Hub" and as a "seedy little cowtown" ; a Cowtown that has never been about anything but "prostitutes" (since the "old west aka “silver mining days” of the 1800’s"). SO–I couldn't believe that this "Cowtown Called Denver" was actually trying to "run the film business"….SO…I THREW IT ALL IN THE TRASH CAN……

P.S. No to Republicans (Renee Ashley Baker will be a Democrat)….

No to Skinnygirl Cocktails

No to John Elway (He should be made to “pay that money back”)…..No to Latifah, No to Wendy Williams, No to Tyra Banks, No to Jill Scott, No to Lil Kim, No to Beyoncé, No to Oprah, No to Gail King, No to Gail Hurd, No to JAY-z, No to Sean Puffy Combs, No to Dr. Dre, No to Eminem, No to Snoop Dogg, No to Charlize, No to Angelina Jolie, No to Julia Roberts, No to Madonna, No to Lady GaGa, No to Melanie Griffith, No to Robert DeNiro, No to George Clooney, No to Sylvester Stallane, No to Matt Damon, No to Ben Affleck (I can't stand Ben Affleck), No to Peter Guber's company, No to Dennis Quaid’s TV Show, No to Warner Bros/Inerscope, No to Unviersal/MCA, No to Book Publishers, No to Miami (It’s A third world toilet), No to Broadway, and NO TO ALL OTHER'S THAT I, RENEE ASHLEY BAKER, HAVE PREVIOUSLY SAID "NO" TO….

(Renee Ashley Baker will be moving to The Hamptons….)


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