NEWS SHOW PROPOSAL…..Renee Ashley Baker’s fee is $1 Million Dollars Per Week for 26 Weeks….plus Sarah Palin, Donald Trump, First Lady Michelle Obama and more….)


President John F Kennedy in the navy

by Renee Ashley Baker

Lyrics and Melody by Renee Ashley Baker
Copyright 2013 by Renee Ashley Baker

Lovely Cinderella lost her shoe at the Ball
Ship found in the Bottle, popped the cork, the sails grew Tall
Let Her stand with Nemo he’ll take Her hand upon the Sea
Strait up from the Bottom, they’ll see JACK cause he’ll be ME

Sang the muses, Sang the muses
Sang the muses, Sang the muses
Sang the music, Sang the music
Sang the music, Sang the music
*This song is to be sung with a heavy Irish brogue…..

(I, Renee Ashley Baker, began this song two years ago. It is still not finished, however, I’ve decided to post this one “verse” for the 4th of July. HOPE YOU LIKE IT !)


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Renee Ashley Baker Snapshot 3


Shout Out To Hughes Direct TV, ABC TV, New York Times, and Fox News/News Corp:

Once my “lawsuit has settled” and I, Renee Ashley Baker, am “available”….I, Renee Ashley Baker would like to do a “News Show”. My “news show” would air weekly (on TV) and be 1 hour long. I’d do 26 shows. The “Broadcaster” (the TV NETWORK) would own the shows. I’d want a 26-52 show contract. What is Renee Ashley Baker’s asking fee? Renee Ashley Baker’s fee will be $1 million per week (or $26 Million Dollars). And…I, Renee Ashley Baker, will be granted: Approval of Guest Stars, Wardrobe Approval of Guest Stars, Weekly Script Approval, Director Approval, Producer Approval, and Location Approval (the location to be my house in The Hamptons). And—no to a “pilot” as I, Renee Ashley Baker, will not do a pilot….my Ustream TV show will be my “audition tape” if an audition is needed. And…I do not, NOT want to do a “radio show” so no–NO–to Mel Karmazin. NO TO MEL KARMAZIN….


also for Renee Ashley Baker


mans blue bathroom

womans white bathroom

If–If–I, Renee Ashley Baker, were to “build a house” I, Renee Ashley Baker, will “build it in France”. It (the house) will probably cost around $4.5 million dollars. I will put two bathrooms inside my “master bedroom”. One bathroom for HIM and the other bathroom for HER (see photos above of Renee Ashley Baker’s in white and “HIS” in blue).




(aka “Renee Ashley Baker’s Biggest Mistakes….”)


Sarah “plain” but not tall …Sarah Palin is little bitty and small….(PALIN IS AN ANAGRAM FOR “PLAIN”)

woman silhouette clip art

Sarah Palin is just a “4-eyed-poli-sci-nerd”. Sarah Palin is still just an “unqualified” “inadequate” “DOG” who is vastly “inferior” to a Harvard/Columbia educated man like President Barack Obama. (Remember how Sarah Palin didn’t even have, in her closet, a wardrobe appropriate for an “IMPORTANT WOMAN”? The Republican Party had to “rush” Sarah Palin to “fancy stores” and buy her “something to wear” !)



woman silhouette clip art

Michelle Bachmann is a “stupid jackass”. WHAT TOOK YOU SO LONG MICHELLE?

I, Renee Ashley Baker, want the public to know that it was Me and my sister(the beautiful Miss M) who picked the “other” Michelle for the “WH”…. (the other Michelle being Michelle Obama….)


woman silhouette clip art

Melanie Griffith and Tippi Hedren are both “CRAP”. Melanie Griffith and Antonio Banderas will not, NOT be having anything to do with Renee Ashley Baker’s “Hampton’s house purchase”. (In other words they will not be “purchasing” Renee Ashley Baker’s Hampton’s house). And…when I, Renee Ashley Baker, do get the $26 million I, Renee Ashley Baker, will not, NOT “pay Melanie and Antonio”. Melanie, Antonio, and Tippi all need to “set up a meth lab” and stop the “criminals of Denver and criminals of Englewood” from “extorting/coercing” money for the three of them! ! !


Nobody in Colorado had better mention the name Van Diesel to me again or I’m going to The Feds (the ones in New York).

man silhouette clip art

Vin Diesel is a “punk ass”….Also still “no” to Nicholas Cage, no to B-actor Ben Affleck, “no” to B-actor Mathew Mccaughnahay.



man silhouette clip art

Like I said–Jack Welch will not, not be “running–nor financing– a company for Renee Ashley Baker”.


man silhouette clip art

“The Donald” (aka “But He Don’t Got No Birth Certificate !”)

There is more wrong here than just the “toupee”. Donald Trump will also not, “NOT be running–nor financing–a company for Renee Ashley Baker”.


Denver/Englewood will “stop” STOP trying to “do business with Robert DeNiro” via Renee Ashley Baker.

man silhouette clip art

Why is it always the “same three” that “crooks” try to run a “sideways fraud” with ? It is always: Robert DeNiro, Sylvester Stallone or George Clooney. (So, no to Robert DeNiro, no to Sylvester Stallone, and no to George Clooney).


MITT ROMNEY (aka “That Old Black Magic Underwear”)

Mitt Romney needs to keep his underwear on and his “mouth shut”…

man silhouette clip art

Mitt Romney will also not, NOT be running–financing–a company for Renee Ashley Baker. These “broke conservatives” are not, NOT going to be “getting a movie studio via Renee Ashley Baker”. For one reason my sister (the beautiful Miss M) can’t stand “conservatives”. And…the other reason is because–I, Renee Ashley Baker, do not, NOT want to be “Denesh DeSouza” and make only $25 million dollar “conservative movie goer box offices”.

No to Hugh Hewitt (and no to Mrs. Hewitt aka “Go Fetch”); no to Rush Limbaugh, no to Glenn Beck, no to Sean Hannity, and still “NO” to Rick Santorum. Also “NO” to Marco Rubio and “NO” to Rudy Giuliani. (I, Renee Ashley Baker, am for Hilary Clinton for President in 2016….)