NEW OFFICIAL WEBSITE ! (Erma French Perfume and Design, Lady Allegro and Renee Ashley Baker)

To View My New “Wix” Website Click Photo of Lady Allegro/Renee Ashley Baker Below:

Snapshot 2 Renee Ashley Baker as Lady Allegro cropped  (3)


Renee Ashley Bakers Mother 1925-1985

CoCo Chanel

Thank you Mummy for my “ballet lessons”…..Thank you Mme Chanel for my “perfume line”….

Still “NO” to Beyonce, NO to Oprah, NO to Gale/Gail, NO to Madonna, NO to Angelina Jolie, NO to Julia Roberts, NO to Charlize Theron, NO to Warner Bros, NO to Universal, NO to the television Networks (NO to ABC, No to CBS, NO to NBC) NO to California, NO to Simon and Schuster…NO to Meryl Streep.

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