5TH — Fifth Novel Serial by Renee Ashley Baker (Untitled or Title Secret Contingency)

Youre Fired

Everyone and Anyone who reads this blog knows of my tendancy to “BOIL OVER”. I want to explain to those who are not in showbusiness that it is illegal–a FEDERAL CRIME –to tell anyone in showbusiness what to do. You cannot tell a writer which publisher to be published by; you cannot tell a movie producer who to cast in his/her motion picture; you cannot tell a “songwriter” who to “give a song to”; you cannot tell someone like myself to forget/forgo an “entertainment conglomerate” and instead become an “indie” and set up a “production company” with “investment banking or hedgefund financing”. (Investment Bankers and Bankers make millions and millions of dollars in fees and interest).

Anyway–the above fiction paragraphs are from my fifth–MY 5th–“novel trilogy” (the fourth being my new “Inspector Jenny” trilogy and the fifth being the one above which is still untitled or “Title Secret Contingency”).

There are many many fine “A-List” movie directors (the DGA must have over 1,000 members).

If–IF–I, Renee Ashley Baker, am the “Leading Lady” in my movies (and I will be) then, I will select, as my leading men: Tom Cruise, Harrison Ford, Bruce Willis, Mel Gibson, Val Kilmer, Richard Gere, Kevin Costner, Leo DiCaprio, Ian McGregor, Will Smith, Nathan Lane, Ben Kingsly, Ian McKlellan, Gene Hackman, Robert Duval, Dustin Hoffman, Daniel Craig, and Sean Connery.

If–If I am casting actresses (and I’m only casting actresses for one or maybe two or posibly three of the five trilogies) I have–on my list: Cate Blanchett, Annette Benning, Sigourney Weaver, Susan Sarandon, Rene Russo, Renee Zellweger, Sandra Bullock, Jessica Lange, Sharon Stone, Ashley Judd, Kate Hudson, Natalie Portman, Nicole Kidman, Meg Ryan, Julianne Moore, Julie Andrews, Sarah Jessica Parker, Ann Hathaway, Emma Thompson , Dame Judi Dench, Dame Helen Mirren, and of course (Duchess ?) Barbra Streisand….

IF and WHEN….IF and WHEN….I, Renee Ashley Baker, am “available” to “COMPLETE THESE NOVELS” I hope they’ll be “published” by HARPER COLLINS (no to Simon & Schuter).

I hope they’ll be published by Harper Collins under my PROPOSED “exclusive” 10 year, $25 Million Dollar a year “UMBRELLA DEAL” with NEWS CORP/20th Century Fox.

Renee Ashley Baker / Renee AB 9

P.S. I’ll only “write” if–IF I’m residing in my house in France in 2014 (Until then I’ll be residing in Washington DC during 2013 being a “Socialite”. By the way The Wertheimers and The Rothschilds stay ON)….

P.S. P.S. THEY’RE FIRED: NO to Angelina Jolie, NO to Julia Roberts, No to Charlize Theron, NO to Meryl Streep, No to Madonna, NO to Melanie Griffith, NO to Oprah Winfrey, NO to Gale/Gail, NO to ICM, NO to California and NO to all other’s that I, Renee Ashley Baker, have previously said “NO” to. (I am “firing” all of these people because Denver and other “non-showbusiness” CRUD keeps trying to “cast my movies” (while insulting and threatening members of my family). These Cowtown/Shantytown (DENVER) fools keep trying to “run a company with my INTELLECTUAL properties” (when I keep saying “NO”)….

Washington DC5

Estate in France

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