12/12/12: The Best Christmas Holiday Travel, The Best Travel Products, The Best “Stay at Home” Real Estate, The Best Dance Stage Performance, The Best Broadway Stage Performance, The Best on the Runway Stage and The Best Numbers in History

Portrait of a Lady 1919

(“Portrait Of A Lady 1919”)

Dec 20–Real Estate To Stay Home With….

My Mother’s house (the one Mother owned in St. Louis in the 1960’s) was a “mini-mansion” that had been brought over “piece by piece” to the United States from France. The “mini-mansion” had been originally built in the mid-1920’s or 1930’s and had real “gold leaf” wallpaper on the walls; it also had wrought iron chandeliers and fireplaces (with heavy led “cherub/chariot” fireplace covers) in every room; it had 4 big bedrooms and a big 4 car garage.

My Mother’s Park Avenue Ladies Are Selling Their Homes….

Sothebys  765 Park Avenue 27 millionnue

Sotheby’s 765 Park Ave Asking Price: $27 Million Dollars


Number of Songs: 56
Asking Price: $12-15 Million (for 40%).
Allowances: Will Allow $2.8 million for “Development” of the catalog(or $50,000 Per Song).
Value of Catalog: $100,000,000
(note: “Value” is “album music sales only”. Not yet added are “Broadway Musical Ticket Sales” and “Worldwide Touring Musical Ticket Sales” and ???).

The Best Number In History? (1919–The year my Mother was born–the birth year of Bentley Motors UK, and the birth year of James Bond’s Studio….UNITED ARTISTS)


(Above, Renee Ashley Baker’s MOTHER)

“Thank You Mother For Paying For My Ballet Lessons”
–Renee Ashley Baker/ReneeAB9
(daughter of a “Bourgoisie Mom”)

The Best Number For An Anniversary (20–The 20th Anniversary of Renee’s Favorite, “THE MOSCOW BALLET’S GREAT RUSSIAN NUTCRACKER”)

Moscow Ballet Great Russian Nutcracker 20th Anniversary

The Best Numbers For Musical Theatre (22 March 1948– Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber’s birthday…)

Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber

I, Renee Ashley Baker, would like Sir Andrew to produce a “musical” extravaganza of “The Renee Ashley Baker Song Catalog”….

The Best Number Served (1 Bil–Facebook reaches 1 Billion users in 2012)

FB 1 Billion

The Best Numbered Toy (1957– tHe “HuLa hOOp” invented in 1957 and re-invented for 2013 by Karl Lagerfeld below)

Chanel Hula Hoop Handbag by Karl Lagerfeld 2013

The Best Number 5 (Chanel #5– “bottled” by Coco Chanel and financed by Pierre Wertheimer….)

CoCo Chanel and Pierre Wertheimer number 5

December 12, 2012 (12/12/12)


W is for “Wonder”.

“She –CoCo Chanel–was the Eigth Wonder of the World–the greatest designer in history–who’s name was a household word.”
–John Fairchild (Publisher, WWD)

ReTold by Renee Ashley Baker
(ReneeAB9 and….5)