The Art Of It All …. (to be continued)….

Renee Ashley Baker will be moving to France to work for (hopefully) the owners of Chanel (aka The Wertheimer Bros)….

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The Art Of The Kiss (by–via–Janis Spindel Matchmaking.Com)

The Art Of The Wedding (by CRANE 2012)

The Art Of The Glass (by Steuben)

The Art Of The Sofa (Art Deco by Christopher Guy)

The Art Of The Queen (Alexander McQueen by The Rug Company)

The Art Of The Range (by La Cornue)

The Art Of “MY” Deal (by Sylvania ?)

The Art Of The Ski (by Nira Alpina in St. Moritz Switzerland)

The Art of the Couture (Chanel)


The Art Of The Hour (by Piaget)

The “Tradition” by Piaget (below) was a “favorite” of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis. The newest “edition” (an 18k rose-gold version) costs $57,000.