The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee 2012 Plus How England Still Swings With Style….A Look At The “New” English Rose and Other Things British)

HRH Princess Kate Middleton….
(the “new” English rose….)

Of Course, I love England, doesn’t everyone? Because of (and only because of) the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee I have decided to do just one more WordPress post….(THIS ONE)…

I want to “launch” a fashion and beauty industry company and–I’ve been thinking of “launching” a fashion blog….Of course, the ultimate would be for me to “write a column” for a Fashion Magazine, however, a “fashion blog” might be a good place for me to “break in”….

So–I have been perusing the style blogs just to see how it is done…And because of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee I thought I’d take a look at London…I thought I’d take a look at the English blogs to see what the English women were up to “style wise”….What did I find? I found that England still swings…from the “racks”…and…. that there is a “brand new English rose”….
Renee Ashley Baker
p.s. Long Live The Queen…..


Shall We Begin With:

“Patriotic Fashions From The Diamond Jubilee” ….

Chloe, 13, exhibits a “patriotic style” as she watches “the Queen” ride by during the country wide celebration of the Diamond Jubilee 2012….
An Indoor Celebration During The Diamond Jubilee ?
(I found this “patrotic” show of foot wear on the English blog Stylist Stuff…)
Jubilee Jewelry ?
I found this British Flag necklace on a English jewelry website…the diamonds are real….


Fashion Stuff FROM the Style Blogs of London (aka “The New English Rose”)

False Eye Lashes “Little Flirt” by Benefit….
I found this photo on the English blog “Stylist Stuff”…
(The blog’s author is a “stylist” for “celebrities” and for “showbusiness”)
Ever Seen Nails As English and as Pretty as These ?
(I found them on the English blog “Kingdom of Style”….)
For That Queenly Style….Try The English “For Coco” Hat Maker Judy Bentinck
(chapeaus mixing Anglais with la Francais… pour la tete–ais….okay?)
Tortoise Sunglasses by House of Harlow in Chelsea
(found on the English/French blog CoCos Tea Party)
From The Colony Comes Ugg…
(Ugg’s spring summer 2012 florals–florals that are a must have now)

The English Rose Rocks Haute Couture Style Too….

Sister Socialites Tamra and Petra of New York (and London)
English Actress Thandie Newton Rocks The LBD
Diamonds Are Forever?
(Then They Are Forever At Biddle…Bailey Banks & Biddle of London….)
Designer Stella — Stella of London
Or…. Stella of Strawberry Fields
(Wouldn’t That Be A Great Name For A Perfume? ….”Strawberry Fields”….)
Designer Betsey….Betsey splits spring summer 2012
(Now isn’t that “split” just like Betsey Johnson !)
(Is This the “new” look of MI5/MI6 ?….New look for the women that is…)
Wedding Shoe by Jimmy Choo of London
(Love In Black & White)

Fiction Or Real ? (You Decide)

The Beautiful Style of Downton Abbey….photo from Vogue (London)
Berenice The Bond Girl…
I Cannot Do A London Post Without “JB” Can I ?…..
(JB– James Bond–007– On Her Majesty’s Secret Service…That Is….)



“The Royal Swans”
Prince Charles and Camilla in a “cookie eating contest” ????
Royal Purple Granny aka HRH The Queen
Queen Elizabeth and “The Kids”