Whitney: The Woman and Her Style (by Renee Ashley Baker)

Image HAIR….

I talked about wearing this “hairstyle” forgetting that Whitney wore it too (several years later) in her video and on her album cover….I talked about wearing this “hairstyle” when I was attending George Washington High School—but—I wore this hairstyle several other times (and several other places)….One of these times was in New York City….It was a Thanksgiving weekend and it rained ALL weekend.  Still, me (Renee Ashley Baker) the “club kid” had to go “disco–ing” ;  So–I headed out–at 10:30 pm to “Aria” (the club that took over for “Studio 54).  And, I actually asked the club owner–the CLUB OWNER HIMSELF!  (in person)  to put my name at the door that night.   I got in. I jumped up on stage and danced ALL NIGHT!   (The “who’s who” of  “New York society” was there….Princess Diane von Furstenberg, some famous actors and some celebrities….) What did I wear?   I, Renee Ashley Baker,  wore the hairstyle Whitney is wearing above, I wore some black & white “drop” earrings,  and I wore a short, tight “white dress” (off the shoulder) with some white opaque stockings and black “suede” high heeled pumps (I’ve always been a “suede Queen”)….

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