New! eNewsletter! (Movers, Shakers and Comments That Sting) by Renee Ashley Baker

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YES–The post below will be my last “WordPress” post…..I, Renee Ashley Baker, am planning to “launch” a Newsletter that–will be–FREE (“free” meaning absolutely NO COST) to subscribers…..

My new “eNewsletter” will be 100% owned (and published) by R.A. Baker Book Publishing….

My new “eNewsletter” is seeking both Interview Subjects and Advertisers. Businesses (such as Manufacturers, Retailers, and Book Publishers) can pay for an “advertisement/feature story”.

My “eNewsletter’s ” demographics?
In a word “COMFORTABLE”. Readers will be ages 40 to 100 and will be happily employed, happily self-employed or happily retired and–will have annual incomes of $100,000 TO $1,000,000.



It is not for me to judge a talent like Whitney Houston. Only to listen and enjoy her singing (I know the words to all her songs). My RELATIVE—the “Grammy Award Nominee” –actually got to work with Whitney Houston when he worked as engineer on one of her songs.
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now scroll down to view the song I wrote called “WHITNEY’S SONG”….