Congratulations Golden Globe Winners 2012: Morgan Freeman plus Paul Allen and Tom Cruise (with tag along Renee)


  The Beautiful Goddess (seated)  had  a   $250,000   estate….

          The LADY (pictured above) is Renee Ashley Baker mother.  Renee Ashley Baker’s mother had a $250,000 estate (because her house was “paid for”).  Renee Ashley Baker’s mother (pictured above) raised Mable and she raised Renee Ashley Baker.  Renee Ashley Baker’s mother (pictured above) raised my brother (James) who was career Air Force (and he did “secret work” for the U.S. Secret Service).  Both Mabel and James became millionaires (they both made a million dollars over their lifetime).  Mabel has stood in receiving lines and “met royalty” and James was best  friend’s with a Dupont (a real Dupont).  Renee Ashley Baker’s mother (pictured above) was a “bourgoisie mother” who wore silk blouses, silk dresses  and diamond  and gold jewelry–including her 24kt  gold Eastern Star ring.


      above  Mabel’s  house





              TO  MY  ENEMIES  I  OWE  NOTHING….


To  My  Friends:

       I, Renee Ashley Baker, am a  Jew.  I’m a Jew because I was born at Barnes Hospital –the rich Jewish hospital in St. Louis Missouri–and I, Renee Ashley Baker, am a Jew because I WANT to be a Jew….

     What I see happening is what happened in WWII.   The new  “unwashed  poor”  are wanting to be with Jewish success and Jewish  money but they don’t want to be with Jewish people.  I’ve learned– from my friend HAL –that Hitler was the “greatest thief that ever lived”.    That Hitler’s  “band of thieves”  ate  off  of  the “fine  silver”  they stole from the “Jews they hated”….These “kreeps” here in Denver (these poor unwashed  cowtown “occupiers”) want to “cast Meryl Streep”  but “hate” her Jewish agency?   For those of you who don’t know–CAA was founded by five Jewish  talent agents.  I will not work with “non-Jewish talent” over their Jewish counterparts….So–because of what they are doing here in Denver   I, Renee Ashley Baker,  will NOT, NOT allow Meryl  Streep to be cast in anything written by Renee Ashley Baker.  It is a matter of “principle” with me.  These same “kreeps” here — in this cowtown called Denver–want to hate “Seinfeld”  but love “Friends”.  (Actually I, Renee Ashley Baker, never missed “Seinfeld”  but never watched “Friends”) .  And…to the “dope  runners”   I also know NOT  to  “hire and support”  drug addicts….


Congratulations to Lady Gaga and Her Mother on the BTWF.





Good-bye To Etta James (blues legend)                                       




Even though I want to work with Cate Blanchett and  CAA….Will You Represent My Radio Show to XM/Sirius ?




                       They–his friends–always called him BOB 

    click link to view :



             I,  Renee Ashley Baker, will sign contracts with Chanel Corp, with Tiffany & Co, with Ford Modeling Agency and I, Renee Ashley Baker  will be “moving to Paris France”…..



                 ….Like I said, it will be Chicago or Paris (France)….


                                               above,  “Gift  Tag”                     


Read   News  About  The   Fabulous “Renee”

 above, Paul Allen’s  “Villa Maryland”  (on the French Riviera)


                         I, Renee Ashley Baker, want to stay in Paul  Allen’s  “Villa  Maryland”   on the  St. Cap Ferrat (in  the French Riviera)….

    “Hey Paul, you are my “second choice” to co-own my satellite radio show that I would like to do from Paris France for XM Sirius”…. 


below,  Chanel spring collection 2012 


 What I, Renee Ashley Baker, will be wearing in 2012 ….

         I, Renee Ashley Baker, will be moving to Paris  France where I will be wearing my Chanel suits to work everyday   (and where I, Renee Ashley Baker,  will be going to work for Chanel Corporation and launching my jewelry line –Ashley Lane Jewelers–and launching my  perfume line  through  “Erma French and Design”)….


         above Tiffany & Co holiday campaign (hopefully soon to be about the  $3,000 “Irmigard” crocodile handbag that I have  named  for my mother and that I hope to design for Tiffany & Co ?)


Congratulations To Morgan Freeman On His Golden Globe  “Career Award”….and

congrats to  ALL  the  Golden  Globe  winners



I, Renee Ashley Baker, am planning to “get married”  in  2012….

He must be Caucasian (Jewish) , 50-70 years of age, and make $250,000 to $ 1,000,000  a year….


     Thanks to  Janis Spindel Matchmaking Service (New York)



price  tag  below….


SHOUT OUT  To Sotheby’s Real Estate and To Rothschild  Bank….

Yes, I still want to buy that  “other” house on the French  Riviera….so….I’ll need a mortgage from Rothschild  Bank….so, I’ll have to sign a contract for “Erma’s French Perfume and Design” …..or maybe…. I’ll   play  Tag ?

TAG  LINE:  “The Story You Are About To See Is Based On True Events….The Names Have Been Changed To Identify The Guilty….” 


           Renee’s  Coat  Below



                                                  Renee’s Coat Below  ?                           




                                                “56   Steps”….



                             for the other “story”


                                                              Renee’s     favorite….

Oscar winner Cate Blanchett     













 like I said….




I, Renee Ashley Baker will either live in Chicago or in Paris France

     (now scroll down to read about His “Blue Skies” and

                        Her  “Blue Heaven”….)


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