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Super Bowl 2012 For Men, Safety For Women, Men For Women, and President Obama (aka President ? )

January 31, 2012


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      I hereby now and forever officially dub thee, President Drone.

Yes–President Obama is now  “President Drone”  (and this IS  how World Leaders view President Obama).   So— can the Republican and Conservative opponents  for the White House stop being “piddly” ?     Can you stop acting like school girls?   (Stop acting like the piddly school girls in the silly high school movie “Mean Girls” ?).  Yes–you read right–I did say “GIRLS !”….   Do you Republicans  and Conservatives really think you can beat President Obama with all that garbage?  He has a billion dollar war chest fools!     So–from now on don’t–  anyone–  bring up the following:

(a) President Obama’s  “birth qualifications”. (Mitt Romney has recently announced that “his” father was born in Mexico).

(b) President  Obama’s  “grades and academic achievements”.  (President Obama went to two ivy league colleges –Columbia and Harvard’.   His grandmother–caucasian–was a banker but he probably got scholarships…)

(c) President Obama’s “drug use” ?   Remember–both Clinton and George Bush Jr were reported cocaine /crack cocaine users.  (In fact, in case you didn’t  know —  one of George Bush Jr’s  longtime friends– a popular chinese restaurant owner–was arrested–in Denver—for running a “drug trafficking ring” (LOL)….

(d) President Obama’s “grandiose spending”.  (What grandiose?  Do we want World Leaders to see the President of the United States as some “po welfare man”?)    COME  ON !

The United States is supposed to be the most powerful country in the world.  If President  Obama doesn’t look right world leaders, especially dictators like Ahmadinejad,  will “point and laugh”.  Besides, he–President Obama–could have gone skiing in St. Moritz Switzerland but instead he went to Hawaii where he was born!  ….

What–I think Republicans and Conservatives need to do is STOP and start over with a new plan.  A plan to either “repair” or “embellish” in 2017.    President Obama  IS  going to win another term.  FACE  IT!    And– in 2017 — the Republicans and Conservatives will then have “their chance at it”….The Republicans and Conservatives  will then be able to “embellish” how  Obama “turned it around”  or  “repair” the damage Obama did during his 8 year term.  So–either way have a plan you Republicans and Conservatives and be ready to “jump in” and “get started”  once “Obama” is “out of there” …

By the way–do you know WHY President Obama will win a second term?  Click link below to view 49 million votes that will be “going to President Obama”  in  November….Forty-nine  million votes going to the same man Conservatives have called “the food stamp president’….Click link to view 49 million voters….





Renee Ashley Baker will be using Janis Spindel Matchmaking Service in New York to find that “right guy”….

(and  HE has to be 50-70 years of age, caucasian/Jewish, and a millionaire….)




Hot Walkers (for joggers)….

Pepper Spray Key Ring (for key ring)….







                            FOOTBALL  ?   


Be Sure To Add These Products To Your Superbowl Party….     


 Cookies by

Panera of  St. Louis


    Blue Diamond almonds

and….The Waltons Present:  Edwards Pecan Pie….(at Walmart)….                     





What About Ordering Chinese (with chop sticks ?)….

Beef  and  Snow Peas,  Egg Rolls, Orange Chicken and Fried Rice



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Dorial Green-Beckham football star from St. Louis Missouri

              Is he the most dynamic athlete in the world? 

Renee Ashley Baker was born in St. Louis Missouri….


St. Louis chasing a Tiger

above, photograph  taken by Renee Ashley Baker (at a “relative’s house”)….



Music To Get You Jumping (Before The Games  Begin)


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Renee Ashley Baker will be “moving to France”….


Heavenly, Handle, and Handsome (plus Florida Debates 2012: Newt Gingrich vs Mitt Romney by Renee Ashley Baker)

January 24, 2012





p l u s

renee has got a new handle….on  twitter….




Renee’s    Boss   ?

Who is this “handsome man” ?   Log onto  Renee Ashley Baker’s Facebook page to find out.


The New York apartment below belongs to a famous showbusiness pioneer?    Can you guess which one?   Maybe  the owner would be interested in one of the shows I “created” for Oprah….Maybe “Paging Miss O”.    I’m offering a “right of second refusal”….

Hint: (the owner of the apartment is  NOT  Renee Ashley Baker)


(scroll down below to view “the  wealth  men”….)




        Can somebody tell me why the European economy (socialism) and the United States economy (capitalism) both collapsed at the same time?  It  seems  one or the other should have collapsed but not both–and  NOT  at the same time !    Where is the economist who can explain this to me?

      Can somebody tell me why politicians and journalists frequently (and outrageously) LIE and why billions of dollars are routinely sneaked away–syphoned off by crooks?  It seems we’ve become able to live “future age” healthy into our 80’s and 90’s only to be surrounded and accosted by “liars and thieves”. 

     In my day (this is my day–what am I saying);  I mean–in grade school– “liars and thieves”  were outcast and shunned.   In  college– the discussions of  literature were about characters and the moral decisions that confronted them about lying (name one?) or about thievery (name one?).   That–is why– I was so, so (taken aback?) when two “old dogs”  from AARP stood in my face and told bold face lies (and why weeks ago Englewood library employee “Debra”  tried to steal my “flash drive”).  These “old ” (fill in the blanks) are not,  NOT  my Mother’s people.    My Mother (the beautiful  “Mrs. A” ) used to say there were two things she couldn’t stand, and those two things were a “liar and a thief”. 

       So– I sit here following the Republican race for the White House hoping that some old and much  needed “glory” will come shining through the clouds but so far–none has.  (Although I’m kind of pulling for Newt Gingrich  because he lives in Roswell.  Roswell is  the  “exclusive”  gated community in Georgia where my relative –Justice Department employee —Clemmie lives).

      Anyway–such is the reason for the rant yesterday (which I removed from my blog)  so that “new readers” could view my more cogent  (and   flameless)  writings.



        houses, houses, houses….

above, Renee Ashley Baker’s France real estate?

   Renee Ashley Baker and Chanel Corp  will own a $300 million dollar “Erma French Perfume and Design Company” (including “Ashley Lane Jewelers”   and  “Erma’s Beautiful Day Bed” ).


above, a house for “C” (that I, Renee Ashley Baker, will “build” with Sotheby’s Real Estate  and with Tiffany & Co and Chanel Corp)….


Capture  Me 

    Who will photograph Renee Ashley Baker in New York City?  Patrick Demarchelier (Princess Diana’s favorite photographer, of course ).

and…. News  at   11








      This is the year that   I, Renee Ashley Baker,   will be posting photos of  my “dates with wonderful men” on this WordPress web Blog.    The dates that I,  Renee Ashley Baker,   will go on  will be “arranged”  by Janis Spindel (aka the millionaire matchmaker from New York) .  These Men have to be  (a) caucasian/Jewish  (b) millionaires   (c) reside in New York, Canada ,  France,  Switzerland , Scandinavia or Israel (I’d love to date  an  Israeli businessman or  date  a Finland Soccer Team Owner) and  (d) These Men will have to DO ME,  BUY ME,  GIMME (“GIMME”  also known as  “taking  me shopping” ….)


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Congratulations Golden Globe Winners 2012: Morgan Freeman plus Paul Allen and Tom Cruise (with tag along Renee)

January 17, 2012


  The Beautiful Goddess (seated)  had  a   $250,000   estate….

          The LADY (pictured above) is Renee Ashley Baker mother.  Renee Ashley Baker’s mother had a $250,000 estate (because her house was “paid for”).  Renee Ashley Baker’s mother (pictured above) raised Mable and she raised Renee Ashley Baker.  Renee Ashley Baker’s mother (pictured above) raised my brother (James) who was career Air Force (and he did “secret work” for the U.S. Secret Service).  Both Mabel and James became millionaires (they both made a million dollars over their lifetime).  Mabel has stood in receiving lines and “met royalty” and James was best  friend’s with a Dupont (a real Dupont).  Renee Ashley Baker’s mother (pictured above) was a “bourgoisie mother” who wore silk blouses, silk dresses  and diamond  and gold jewelry–including her 24kt  gold Eastern Star ring.


      above  Mabel’s  house





              TO  MY  ENEMIES  I  OWE  NOTHING….


To  My  Friends:

       I, Renee Ashley Baker, am a  Jew.  I’m a Jew because I was born at Barnes Hospital –the rich Jewish hospital in St. Louis Missouri–and I, Renee Ashley Baker, am a Jew because I WANT to be a Jew….

     What I see happening is what happened in WWII.   The new  “unwashed  poor”  are wanting to be with Jewish success and Jewish  money but they don’t want to be with Jewish people.  I’ve learned– from my friend HAL –that Hitler was the “greatest thief that ever lived”.    That Hitler’s  “band of thieves”  ate  off  of  the “fine  silver”  they stole from the “Jews they hated”….These “kreeps” here in Denver (these poor unwashed  cowtown “occupiers”) want to “cast Meryl Streep”  but “hate” her Jewish agency?   For those of you who don’t know–CAA was founded by five Jewish  talent agents.  I will not work with “non-Jewish talent” over their Jewish counterparts….So–because of what they are doing here in Denver   I, Renee Ashley Baker,  will NOT, NOT allow Meryl  Streep to be cast in anything written by Renee Ashley Baker.  It is a matter of “principle” with me.  These same “kreeps” here — in this cowtown called Denver–want to hate “Seinfeld”  but love “Friends”.  (Actually I, Renee Ashley Baker, never missed “Seinfeld”  but never watched “Friends”) .  And…to the “dope  runners”   I also know NOT  to  “hire and support”  drug addicts….


Congratulations to Lady Gaga and Her Mother on the BTWF.





Good-bye To Etta James (blues legend)                                       




Even though I want to work with Cate Blanchett and  CAA….Will You Represent My Radio Show to XM/Sirius ?




                       They–his friends–always called him BOB 

    click link to view :



             I,  Renee Ashley Baker, will sign contracts with Chanel Corp, with Tiffany & Co, with Ford Modeling Agency and I, Renee Ashley Baker  will be “moving to Paris France”…..



                 ….Like I said, it will be Chicago or Paris (France)….


                                               above,  “Gift  Tag”                     


Read   News  About  The   Fabulous “Renee”

 above, Paul Allen’s  “Villa Maryland”  (on the French Riviera)


                         I, Renee Ashley Baker, want to stay in Paul  Allen’s  “Villa  Maryland”   on the  St. Cap Ferrat (in  the French Riviera)….

    “Hey Paul, you are my “second choice” to co-own my satellite radio show that I would like to do from Paris France for XM Sirius”…. 


below,  Chanel spring collection 2012 


 What I, Renee Ashley Baker, will be wearing in 2012 ….

         I, Renee Ashley Baker, will be moving to Paris  France where I will be wearing my Chanel suits to work everyday   (and where I, Renee Ashley Baker,  will be going to work for Chanel Corporation and launching my jewelry line –Ashley Lane Jewelers–and launching my  perfume line  through  “Erma French and Design”)….


         above Tiffany & Co holiday campaign (hopefully soon to be about the  $3,000 “Irmigard” crocodile handbag that I have  named  for my mother and that I hope to design for Tiffany & Co ?)


Congratulations To Morgan Freeman On His Golden Globe  “Career Award”….and

congrats to  ALL  the  Golden  Globe  winners



I, Renee Ashley Baker, am planning to “get married”  in  2012….

He must be Caucasian (Jewish) , 50-70 years of age, and make $250,000 to $ 1,000,000  a year….


     Thanks to  Janis Spindel Matchmaking Service (New York)



price  tag  below….


SHOUT OUT  To Sotheby’s Real Estate and To Rothschild  Bank….

Yes, I still want to buy that  “other” house on the French  Riviera….so….I’ll need a mortgage from Rothschild  Bank….so, I’ll have to sign a contract for “Erma’s French Perfume and Design” …..or maybe…. I’ll   play  Tag ?

TAG  LINE:  “The Story You Are About To See Is Based On True Events….The Names Have Been Changed To Identify The Guilty….” 


           Renee’s  Coat  Below



                                                  Renee’s Coat Below  ?                           




                                                “56   Steps”….



                             for the other “story”


                                                              Renee’s     favorite….

Oscar winner Cate Blanchett     













 like I said….




I, Renee Ashley Baker will either live in Chicago or in Paris France

     (now scroll down to read about His “Blue Skies” and

                        Her  “Blue Heaven”….)

To Venture Capitalists, Crowdsource Funders, Angels….and to Oprah)

January 9, 2012



 Angels, Crowd Source Funders, Venture Capitalists and to  Oprah:


    1.   If–Oprah were to “give me a job” as a “programming v.p.”  I’d require:

 (a) A Profit Share : 10% ownership of whatever show I create for Oprah and OWN (see four in post below);

 (b) A Salary ;

 (c) A Signing Bonus of   $1,000,000;

 2.  (otherwise I work in Paris France for Chanel Corp and Erma French Perfume and Design….


3.   write a “novel trilogy” ….)


all  VC, Crowdsource Funders and Angels scroll down and read about CAPOTE’S HAT….