Addendum re: HEROES plus Shout Out To Financiers….(Posting to Return Oct 1)



                                 BANKERS   AND   FINANCIERS

Please view Renee Ashley Baker’s “Financial Statements”….Click link :


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Tony Rackauckus –HERO  (and a “real” prosecutor)

(He just filed  MURDER  charges against a Fullerton California police officer for the murder of Kelly  Thomas )

Johnnie Cochran–HERO

(His Cochran Firm still handling  “police abuse”  cases)



                                Emmy And The Window”


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Emmy Through The Window:



“Good-bye Kara” from Renee Ashley Baker




   Kara Kennedy (daughter of Edward M Kennedy)










                    I, Renee Ashley Baker, may go to SEVERAL New York banks for “Production financing” (production financing for  the Erma French Perfume and Design’s Christmas/New Year/Birthday Party/TV Special….)


Listen To Renee Ashley Baker sing “Twitter Twitter”….

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Janis Spindel Serious Matchmaking for Renee Ashley Baker to “find a MAN”….

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