The Luck Of The Irish….Plus Nate’s Puck Wins! (Plus Renee’s Christmas Party)




Renee Ashley Baker will “get a mortgage” from Rothschild Bank (for a house–a chateau– in France) then Renee Ashley Baker will sign with Chanel  Corp for her own “french design and perfume” company (in a 30/70 split ?)





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                                ATTENTION !    PARTY  RIGHTS  SALE !

          I, Renee Ashley Baker, hereby offer TV Broadcasts Rights to my Christmas/New Year/Birthday Party.

When:  December 2011

Where:  New York City (probably Hotel Pierre)

This offer is being made to:

(a) Sell Cable TV Broadcast Rights (To TLC, Wealth TV?  or To Fashion Channel?  or To E!  Entertainment or Bravo? or To Reality TV?)

(b) Sell Magazine Print Rights (To US?  or To Style? or  To Vanity Fair?  or To Elle?)

(c)  Promote my party (On Guest of a Guest website and Wired Image website).

               My P.R. representative will be contacting those companies named above with an offer in writing.  





     This adorable “collectible”  available from The Hamilton Collection….   Isn’t she a cute-tea ? 


“The Luck Of The Irish”

PAY UP!   HE MADE IT!  (“Nate Has Luck” or N.H.L for short)

      So –let me get this right;  Nick’s name was pulled but–Nate’s name was called?  Then–why is it Nate’s fault if he acted when his name was called?  Let’s show the world that America doesn’t cheat it’s “winners”! 


Maybe “Nate’s Hot Dogs” will pay and have little Nate do “hot dog commercials” on TV.   Or–better yet–why not the NHL?


Brothers Wayne and Brent (Gretsky) and Phil and Tony (Esposito) are ON SKATES (tearing up the ice).  The four brothers STOP suddenly and out of no where little Nate APPEARS ON THE ICE in full uniform (MASK ON). 

      “$50,000 says he does it again” Brent says.

     “$50,000 says he doesn’t”  Tony says.

NATE takes aim, swings  his stick, the PUCK slides down the ice (and through the hole again!).  The losing brother (Tony) looks into the Camera, shakes his head, and says,  “O Brother!” 

    Speaking of the Irish, and luck and twins.  Back when I saw my first “Celtic Woman” concert on PBS (three years ago) I wrote a “video” for a song  by “Celtic Woman”.  The video is about two sisters (identical twins).  The story is set in Ireland.  You see–ONE of the twins gets  “conked”  when she slips and falls in a row boat.  The row boat begins  to float down the river with –shall we call TWIN B inside who  is PASSED OUT COLD.   The other sister (TWIN  A) runs furiously along side the river (along the river bank) CHASING  the run away row boat as it tosses and bobs up and down in the river.   In fact–this CHASE involves what appears to be the “whole town” as they  run furiously along the river bank after the runaway row boat.  SO — how does it all end?   Well–TWIN  A– finally catches up to the runaway row boat, rescues her twin sister and then–you guessed  it–SHE (Twin A) slips, falls, gets conked out and begins to drift down the river inside the row boat with TWIN B (and the town’s  people) giving chase. 

“O  Brother!” . . . .*





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THE STORY OF  TWO  SISTERS by Renee Ashley Baker Copyright 2009 by Renee Ashley Baker.  ALL  RIGHTS   RESERVED

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