Completed—-The Jackie Tapes: Who Killed President John F. Kennedy?

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In  soon-to-be-released  tapes Jackie tells who she thinks killed President John F. Kennedy….



            My mother didn’t have “radical movements”–she had establishment, society, (the Bourgeoise) and the Military.  My mother was an “Army wife” and an “Air Force mother”.    My mother even had “secret society” because she was an Eastern Star (i.e. a Mason’s wife).   My mother NEVER drank liquor and my mother NEVER smoked cigerettes.  My mother was a “beauty” who had a French style—which–is why I, Renee Ashley Baker, will be heading up my mother’s fashion and beauty company “French Perfume and Design”.  (“French Perfume and Design” will be headquartered in Paris France.)    I expect my mother (pictured above wearing 24kt  gold rings and a diamond pendant) to be like Estee Lauder (and Co Co Chanel)–a power house of beauty and style. . . .

Military  Style ?

                           (Military Vintage–Eisenhower Jacket)



“Highway  99”


Renee Ashley Baker

Copyright 2011 by Renee Ashley Baker


Hear about the Highway 99 killer

 Criminal mind sway the game like a thriller

Thinking bout his prey while he sips at a Miller

Through the window pane like a Dane, and he’ll get her





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