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“Good-bye  James  Arness”  from  Renee Ashley Baker


I’ll use Sean Jean wear in my Sonic TV Commercial Video….

plus …. Thank You “W”  (for the magazine cover)

and…. Thank you Rothschild Bank in France (for the mortgage)


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  Actor Andy  Griffith (85  years  old)

Marilyn Monroe (Whose name was legally changed from Norma Jean Baker to Marilyn Monroe in 1956)

Ron Wood of the Rolling Stones


Actor Morgan Freeman



re: Ryan O’Neal

     I’ve had to refuse Ryan O’Neal’s name because I was being harassed (by some “criminals” )to work with Ryan O’Neal because of what he would LEAVE  Tatum O’Neal.  (And I did say “leave” Tatum O’Neal and not “give”  Tatum O’Neal).  Some criminals around “poor  Denver” think they can “funnel money” to drug addicts.  Ryan O’Neal’s daughter Tatum is one of those with a “drug problem” and therefore I cannot–will not– be coerced to hire nor use those who have “drug addictiions”.   Giving those with a “drug problem” money hurts the addict but it HELPS  THE  DRUG  DEALER.   

Also…. I will NOT be “leaving” any money to anybody.   I am setting up an “Irrevocable  Trust   Fund”  and I will be giving all of my money to  CHARITY (through  The Erma Foundation for Special Olympics III.)

re:  Caribou

No to Caribou recording studios

 And still “NO” to Robert Redford, No to Angelina Jolie, No to Julia Roberts, No to Oprah Winfrey, No to Donald Trump,  No to California and No to ALL others I, Renee Ashley Baker, have previously said “NO” to.

Renee  Ashley  Baker Will Be Moving To France….

                           To design a handbag ( for Tiffany & Co?), and

                            To launch a perfume line (with Chanel Corp?) 



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