BOOK ORDERS: “10 Documents” (an excerpt)


         (President John F. Kennedy with Sargent Shriver)                       


I, Renee Ashley Baker,  will make/receive $30 million dollars from my  perfume company.  (Gale /Gail is not going to be with  nor own Renee Ashley Baker’s perfume company. 



“Good-Bye” from Renee Ashley Baker





FOR M&M  (The Two Killed in Russia)


“10 Documents” 


Renee Ashley Baker

Copyright 2010 by Renee Ashley Baker



  (An Excerpt)

Lucille Ball was a  [Cuba Commie]  that J Edgar Hoover and the F.B.I. hated.

(Note:  Gale–GALE   GORDON–was with Lucy while me and my mother —IRMGARD—favored  another red head in showbusiness–Carol Burnett. . . .)  

The other person hated and surveilled (by the F.B.I.) as much as Lucille Ball ?     A skinny kid–a crooner–from Hoboken New Jersey by the name of Frank Sinatra–Francis  Albert  Sinatra  [As In Rat]  pack.

Footnote #1:   Lucille Ball was a member of the communist party married to a Cuban. 

The words in brackets [        ] are

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      Renee Ashley Baker was born at the rich Jewish hospital  [Barnes Hospital]  in St. Louis Missouri and is a registered Republican….and will become a citizen of France.

January 19, 2011  Wednesday 

To:  The Worldwide Press/Media:

I must have 1000 orders (at $99 per order). 

You will be able to FAX your orders.




     Since many in Denver are “still” so–so–concerned –worried–about whether or not  I, Renee Ashley Baker,  am going to “have/own   jewelry”.    I , Renee Ashley Baker, WILL.   The MAN  that Renee Ashley Baker gets married to will BUY Renee Ashley Baker jewelry   (from Tiffany  &  Co in Paris France).    The MAN who Renee Ashley Baker will marry will be caucasian/Jewish, 50-70 years of age and–a MILLIONAIRE!  Renee Ashley Baker will be married on the Greek Island of Skorpios and will then reside in the South of France.  (Renee Ashley Baker’s jewelry will be kept in a SAFETY DEPOSIT BOX  in a bank vault  in France bank). 

Renee Ashley Baker will work in the fashion and beauty industry designing handbags (for Tiffany  & Co) and launching a perfume line (with Chanel Corp 30/70 profit split?)

I, Renee Ashley Baker, am glad to hear that HRH and his bride to be Princess Kate Middleton want to have a “charity in lieu of gift wedding” .   Way to go Princess!


January 18, 2011

To DEA, ATF, FBI, and Municipal Police Departments (in 50 States):

New Colorado Vehicle License Plate Numbers To Investigate for Extortion, Coercion, Stalking, Intimidation, Dope Running  and Drug Trafficking:

NO to “Mexicans”  and “NO” to ALL others that REnee Ashley Baker has previously said “NO” to.



         “Hold This  House For Me!”         

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