New Year: Fashion In Winter, New Products, Potpourri, and Renee’s Statement (again!)









re:  NO.

NO  to ALL THOSE I,Renee Ashley Baker, have previously said “NO” to. . . .(However, I, Renee Ashley Baker, would like to appear on–act on– the  TV Show “Nikita”. . . .) 





TRY:               RENEE    SAVE    U.K.

 (without the second “S”)


ANAGRAM QUIZ:  The above phrase –the above three words –spell out an anagram . . . . Can  you  figure  out  what  it  is ?





      re:  GUEST OF A GUEST ?

       I, Renee Ashley Baker, will be hiring a writer–a BLOGGER–to be the “guest blogger” for “About Renee Ashley Baker ” for the next 12 months.   Renee Ashley Baker’s “guest blogger” will be female, caucasian, and  JEWISH. . . .
PLUS. . . .
 Momma  &  Baby  Puffer


  J Crew Baby Puffer Jacket



          I, Renee Ashley Baker, want Michael Kors to save me a puffer vest that I can wear  all around  New York . . . .Thank you Michael !  


more winter wear

Hermes Suede Gloves at  (cost: $550.00)

   Coach  Fur Gloves  trimmed in mink (cost: $398)


 Waterproof Boots For Women ?






    Joan of Artic  by Sorel

    A waterproof full grain leather and suede winter boot with faux fur trim

 Elle McPherson wearing the  Sorel’s Joan of Artic


Renee’s Favorite Winter Slather On . . . .



  For The Family’s Safety During Winter


(Walkway Snow Melting Mat by Heat Trak) 

 FOR  The Family’s Space Heating During Winter


Conserving Energy or Conserving Costs the Eden Pure Heater is the way to go …. 


 for. . . .


So you  Want To Learn To Ski?

Try the Killington Ski School in Killington Vermont. . . .

This ski resort has an “escalator” for those who can’t ride the ski lift up the mountain!. . . .

Safety Beacon


       For those who already ski (as well as the novice) you must, must carry the “multi-survival module”.   .  .  .  It keeps you safe in the woods, on the slopes and even in the city . . . . (In an emergency it emits an extremely loud, piercing whistle that can be heard for well lover a mile should you get LOST!)

Buy at:



I Must Have 1,000 Orders (at $99 per order).

You WILL be able to FAX your orders…..


and. . . .

        I, Renee Ashley Baker, will be (a) getting married plus (b) moving to France plus  (c) designing handbags (for Tiffany & Co ?) plus  (d) launching a perfume line (with a Chanel Corporation profit split  30/70 ?).

2.  re:  RENEE ASHLEY BAKER’S  ‘PINK  FUSCIA  JACKET’.   It  is packed up and will be MOVED to FRANCE. . . .

(I, Renee Ashley Baker, will become a CITIZEN OF FRANCE)

Now…Renee Ashley Baker’s products. . . .





 IBM’s Lenovo –it has  “Facial Recognition” Software !

 Renee Ashley Baker’s  Husband by  Janis Spindel Matchmaking

Renee Ashley Baker will be :

getting married in 2011

premiering aRenee Ashley Baker handbag line in 2012

launching a Renee Ashley Baker perfume in 2013

Below:  Renee Ashley Baker’s House in the South of France (?????)


 P L U S

Still “NO” TO:  Gale Hurd, Gail Katz, Charlize Theron, Julia Roberts, Angelina Jolie, Melanie Griffith, Goldie Hawn,  Madonna, Madonna’s company, Brittany Spears, Rihanna, Whitney Houston, Beyonce Knowles, Tyra Banks, Halle Barry, Whoopi Goldberg, Dr. Dre,  Sony.    Also No to Universal, Grammercy, MCA/Farm, NBC, CBS.

I, Renee Ashley Baker, am in the “fashion and beauty industry”.

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