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Whitehall plus The Wedding Page (plus “No” To “Chicago Code” plus Victorious….)

January 31, 2011


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above, Whitehall Curbside Luxury Mailbox

(“For the Western World”) . . . .





“My Little Skinny Greek Wedding” 

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above,  Vera Wang’s new line of wedding dresses called “White”.   These fabulous gowns  will  sell for $700-$1400….

Renee Ashley Baker will be  getting married on the (Onassis) Greek Island of  “Skorpios”  (with a 400 guest reception in the south of France  on the (Onassis) Greek Yacht “Christina O”). . . . O Yeah!

Renee Ashley Baker will work in the fashion and beauty industry designing handbags (Tiffany & Co ?) and launching a perfume line (with Chanel  Corporation 30/70 profit split ?)

Oh and YES YES YES to Tom Cruise….




                                       BUY!   BUY!   BUY!

TO:  50 Newspapers (and 50 Media Outlets) :

PLEASE  BUY 50-100 “Special Edition” hardcover copies SO that each of your staff (each of your reporters) can own a copy.  .  .  .  COST:  $297 for each  “special edition” copy  of  “12 Documents”.

       P.S.  I have asked the F.B.I. to tell Angelina Jolie “NO”.  Also “NO” to Julia Roberts.   “7 COLORS” (by Renee Ashley Baker) will NOT be produced first.

                                (NOW  SCROLL  DOWN)


                                   re:     “12  DOCUMENTS” 

                                 (formerly  “10  Documents” )

 TO:  Members of U.S. Congress and To Members of The Worldwide Press/Media:


I.  Company Letterhead

     (A)  Type or write your order on Letterhead (on company stationary or on personal stationary).

    (B)   Address To:  Attention “12 Documents”

    (C)   Include:

      1.  Your Name (first and last)

      2.  Your Address (city, state, zip)

      3.  Your Phone Number (and your  FAX number)

      4.   Your Personal Email Address

    5.   Number of Copies (ebook  downloads)  desired.         (COST: $297.00 for  3  downloads).


       (A)  Make your cashiers check payable TO:

                                         Erma   Renay   Ashley 



           (A)  Mail Check (and letterhead order form) TO: 

                                         Erma  Renay  Ashley

                                          C/O  XXXXXXXXXX

                                          Denver,    Colorado


                                                  BONUS !

         As a bonus–for ordering 3 copies (that is 3 ebook downloads) you will receive a hard cover full color “Special  Edition”  of    “12  Documents”.

                                          NO   EXTRA   COST!

You will get 3 copies (3 ebook downloads) for a total of $297.00.   PLUS ….

You will get a handsome hardcover full color “Special Edition” of “12 Documents” that reflects the prestige that is befitting a U.S. President. . . .

                                           ORDER  TODAY !

                                       For My Grandmother

(Renee’s/Renay’s  grandmother –Grandmother Ashley–ancestry–heritage–is “Welsh” aka Wales)

NOW . . . .









Natalie Portman for “The Black Swan”





Shaun White for  ‘All Around Best  Snowboarding’ . . . .




TODAY—on  January 31  (1950)

President Harry S. Truman (of Missouri) announced his intent to development the big “H”. . . .




DON’T FORGET ! plus THE BACK STORY ABOUT RENEE (with “10 Documents”)

January 24, 2011


In February I’ll use/I’ll post a New York  FAX  NUMBER (to collect orders for “10 Documents”) . . . .









 “Renee Ashley Baker’s Rolodex” (for   Royalty, the Jet Set, Aristocrats, Diplomats, and the French  fashion and beauty industry).

Renee Ashley Baker’s Schedule:

 1.  April  15,  2011  Move to France

(Date Handsome Men in France)

2.  2012 Design Handbags (Tiffany & Co?)

3.  2013  Launch Perfume (Chanel?)

4.  2013  Publish “Live! (In Progress)” by Renee Ashley Baker (Renee Ashley Baker’s book about the Fashion and Beauty Industry. . . .

    IF–IF–I get the “deal” I’m seeking I do WANT the Burger Sotheby’s house on the French Riviera….

SHOUT  OUT  . . . . 


From:  Renee Ashley Baker

        Can  I  get/rent/lease an apartment in Paris for  $3000 per month?   And will I be able to  move in  April 2011?

I, Renee Ashley Baker, will “meet with”  the Chairmen of  Chanel Corporation when I arrive in Paris France. 

I, Renee Ashley Baker, will live/RESIDE in Paris France (WITHOUT) Gale/Gail.   Gale/Gail  will NOT  be going to France with Renee Ashley Baker and Oprah Winfrey will NOT be going to France with Renee Ashley Baker.




1000 orders ($99 each) if 500 or less ($297 each)

Make WIRE TRANSFER  or  CASHIERS CHECKS   Payable  to my first, middle and last name [E.R.A.]

(I’ll meet with Tiffany & Co and Janis Spindel when I arrive in New York) . . . .



Oprah Winfrey has “Live Your Best Life”

Renee Ashley Baker has “Live! (In Progress)”

(I , Renee Ashley Baker, will design crocodile  handbags (for Tiffany & Co?) I, Renee Ashley Baker, will launch my perfume line (to be owned by Chanel Corporation in a 30/70 profit share ?) and I, Renee Ashley Baker, will set up my CAFE PRESS MERCHANDISE  STORE  (click link)




To Whom It May Concern:

    The “BOSS”  in question was my boss at a company in Orange County California.  I, Renee Ashley Baker,  was on a sales staff  of 20 or so employees and was making what I thought–at that time–was “good”  money (I was making between $700-$1000 per week –which –I spent every weekend at Orange Coast Plaza –in  Cristal Court– and at Fashion Island –in Newport Beach).  The sales manager, Bob, (who was Jewish) was “cool”.    He had once been a “stock broker” who had made/earned  a million dollars.  His  wife (also Jewish) worked there as well and was the “very jealous type”  (but I assuaged any and all fears she may have had because I was funny and she laughed at everything I said).   The entire sales staff went skiing every weekend during ski season at Big Bear.  (They always invited me–Renee–to go with them but I always said “No” because –as I have said on this blog before–I can’t ride the T-lift).   TO BACK TRACK:   About  “the office”  –we were the Motley Crue for the “yuppie set” (as Orange County California always is).  There were two brothers who worked in the office–one looked just like Patrick Swayze — they were trying to start a line of “surfer wear”.   Also in the office was a non-Jewish couple who were “golfers”— they played on different “golf circuits” (and won money!).    The one “celebrity” in the office was a woman, who was maybe 70 years old (but you couldn’t tell it) and she used to babysit for DUSTIN HOFFMAN (Hi Dustin !).   Then there was myself–who–in addition to periodic splurges at the Bally Shoe Store in Cristal Court and supporting  Orange  County’s manicurists —I— was writing.   I was–at that time–working on a screenplay to “star” Tom  Cruise. The story was about a “talent agent” who “falls in love” with his client. . . .

(Note:  I’ve been pregnant three times by three white men  all three men are still living well. . . .) 



 re:  Janis Spindel Matchmaking Service 

         DEAR  Janis Spindel:  When I, Renee Ashley Baker,  arrive in  New York I will stop into your office. I, Renee Ashley Baker, will be “getting married” in the year 2011…. (HE must be 50-70 years of age, Caucasian/Jewish, a millionaire and reside in New York, Canada or Paris France. )

re:  U. S. CONGRESS  (BUY 3 for $299.00)

HOW  TO  ORDER:  “10 Documents”

To  U.S. Congress and To The Worldwide Press/Media

I must have 1000 orders  (at $99 per order) or 500 orders (you must buy 3 for $299.00).




      Renee  Ashley Baker will be “moving” to the South of France. . . .

and  finally. . . .


      Hoorey that Colorado’s Bill Ritter is out of that Governor’s mansion and Hoorey that John Elway is back in the Broncos’ front office where he belongs (I did not and I DO NOT want any of that missing  $70 million dollars !).. . . . 

NO to ALL those Renee Ashley Baker has previously said “NO” to. . . .(I can’t stand Jessica Alba, I can’t stand Christina Aguillera, and I can’t stand Jennifer Lopez etc etc etc)

(Still “NO” to Halle Berry, No to Tyra Banks, No to Whitney Houston,  No to Beyonce Knowles, and No to Janet Jackson).


   The  “fabulous”  Renee Ashley Baker

BOOK ORDERS: “10 Documents” (an excerpt)

January 18, 2011


         (President John F. Kennedy with Sargent Shriver)                       


I, Renee Ashley Baker,  will make/receive $30 million dollars from my  perfume company.  (Gale /Gail is not going to be with  nor own Renee Ashley Baker’s perfume company. 



“Good-Bye” from Renee Ashley Baker





FOR M&M  (The Two Killed in Russia)


“10 Documents” 


Renee Ashley Baker

Copyright 2010 by Renee Ashley Baker



  (An Excerpt)

Lucille Ball was a  [Cuba Commie]  that J Edgar Hoover and the F.B.I. hated.

(Note:  Gale–GALE   GORDON–was with Lucy while me and my mother —IRMGARD—favored  another red head in showbusiness–Carol Burnett. . . .)  

The other person hated and surveilled (by the F.B.I.) as much as Lucille Ball ?     A skinny kid–a crooner–from Hoboken New Jersey by the name of Frank Sinatra–Francis  Albert  Sinatra  [As In Rat]  pack.

Footnote #1:   Lucille Ball was a member of the communist party married to a Cuban. 

The words in brackets [        ] are

                                        (see next page. . . .)

                           *****        *****           *****             *****


      Renee Ashley Baker was born at the rich Jewish hospital  [Barnes Hospital]  in St. Louis Missouri and is a registered Republican….and will become a citizen of France.

January 19, 2011  Wednesday 

To:  The Worldwide Press/Media:

I must have 1000 orders (at $99 per order). 

You will be able to FAX your orders.




     Since many in Denver are “still” so–so–concerned –worried–about whether or not  I, Renee Ashley Baker,  am going to “have/own   jewelry”.    I , Renee Ashley Baker, WILL.   The MAN  that Renee Ashley Baker gets married to will BUY Renee Ashley Baker jewelry   (from Tiffany  &  Co in Paris France).    The MAN who Renee Ashley Baker will marry will be caucasian/Jewish, 50-70 years of age and–a MILLIONAIRE!  Renee Ashley Baker will be married on the Greek Island of Skorpios and will then reside in the South of France.  (Renee Ashley Baker’s jewelry will be kept in a SAFETY DEPOSIT BOX  in a bank vault  in France bank). 

Renee Ashley Baker will work in the fashion and beauty industry designing handbags (for Tiffany  & Co) and launching a perfume line (with Chanel Corp 30/70 profit split?)

I, Renee Ashley Baker, am glad to hear that HRH and his bride to be Princess Kate Middleton want to have a “charity in lieu of gift wedding” .   Way to go Princess!


January 18, 2011

To DEA, ATF, FBI, and Municipal Police Departments (in 50 States):

New Colorado Vehicle License Plate Numbers To Investigate for Extortion, Coercion, Stalking, Intimidation, Dope Running  and Drug Trafficking:

NO to “Mexicans”  and “NO” to ALL others that REnee Ashley Baker has previously said “NO” to.



         “Hold This  House For Me!”         

                                        (SCROLL    DOWN)

New Year: Fashion In Winter, New Products, Potpourri, and Renee’s Statement (again!)

January 12, 2011









re:  NO.

NO  to ALL THOSE I,Renee Ashley Baker, have previously said “NO” to. . . .(However, I, Renee Ashley Baker, would like to appear on–act on– the  TV Show “Nikita”. . . .) 





TRY:               RENEE    SAVE    U.K.

 (without the second “S”)


ANAGRAM QUIZ:  The above phrase –the above three words –spell out an anagram . . . . Can  you  figure  out  what  it  is ?





      re:  GUEST OF A GUEST ?

       I, Renee Ashley Baker, will be hiring a writer–a BLOGGER–to be the “guest blogger” for “About Renee Ashley Baker ” for the next 12 months.   Renee Ashley Baker’s “guest blogger” will be female, caucasian, and  JEWISH. . . .
PLUS. . . .
 Momma  &  Baby  Puffer


  J Crew Baby Puffer Jacket



          I, Renee Ashley Baker, want Michael Kors to save me a puffer vest that I can wear  all around  New York . . . .Thank you Michael !  


more winter wear

Hermes Suede Gloves at  (cost: $550.00)

   Coach  Fur Gloves  trimmed in mink (cost: $398)


 Waterproof Boots For Women ?






    Joan of Artic  by Sorel

    A waterproof full grain leather and suede winter boot with faux fur trim

 Elle McPherson wearing the  Sorel’s Joan of Artic


Renee’s Favorite Winter Slather On . . . .



  For The Family’s Safety During Winter


(Walkway Snow Melting Mat by Heat Trak) 

 FOR  The Family’s Space Heating During Winter


Conserving Energy or Conserving Costs the Eden Pure Heater is the way to go …. 


 for. . . .


So you  Want To Learn To Ski?

Try the Killington Ski School in Killington Vermont. . . .

This ski resort has an “escalator” for those who can’t ride the ski lift up the mountain!. . . .

Safety Beacon


       For those who already ski (as well as the novice) you must, must carry the “multi-survival module”.   .  .  .  It keeps you safe in the woods, on the slopes and even in the city . . . . (In an emergency it emits an extremely loud, piercing whistle that can be heard for well lover a mile should you get LOST!)

Buy at:



I Must Have 1,000 Orders (at $99 per order).

You WILL be able to FAX your orders…..


and. . . .

        I, Renee Ashley Baker, will be (a) getting married plus (b) moving to France plus  (c) designing handbags (for Tiffany & Co ?) plus  (d) launching a perfume line (with a Chanel Corporation profit split  30/70 ?).

2.  re:  RENEE ASHLEY BAKER’S  ‘PINK  FUSCIA  JACKET’.   It  is packed up and will be MOVED to FRANCE. . . .

(I, Renee Ashley Baker, will become a CITIZEN OF FRANCE)

Now…Renee Ashley Baker’s products. . . .





 IBM’s Lenovo –it has  “Facial Recognition” Software !

 Renee Ashley Baker’s  Husband by  Janis Spindel Matchmaking

Renee Ashley Baker will be :

getting married in 2011

premiering aRenee Ashley Baker handbag line in 2012

launching a Renee Ashley Baker perfume in 2013

Below:  Renee Ashley Baker’s House in the South of France (?????)


 P L U S

Still “NO” TO:  Gale Hurd, Gail Katz, Charlize Theron, Julia Roberts, Angelina Jolie, Melanie Griffith, Goldie Hawn,  Madonna, Madonna’s company, Brittany Spears, Rihanna, Whitney Houston, Beyonce Knowles, Tyra Banks, Halle Barry, Whoopi Goldberg, Dr. Dre,  Sony.    Also No to Universal, Grammercy, MCA/Farm, NBC, CBS.

I, Renee Ashley Baker, am in the “fashion and beauty industry”.

                                           (scroll down) 






New Year–For Young People

January 10, 2011


TO THE NEWS MEDIA (In 50 States and 80 Countries)

     I debated as to whether or not I would  address THE TRAGEDY  on this blog.  Then–I debated as to whether I would address THE TRAGEDY  on this page–my “young people’s page.  I’ve decided that this is the right blog and the right page. . . .


 My Suggestion:

1.  I, Renee Ashley Baker, suggest that you use the INTERNET.  No more “open forums”.   Let the public–the constituents “way in” (give opinions) on issues via your websites. 

2.  Hold “meet and greets” at local/state party campaign headquarters (with one way in “metal detector” entry).

3.  NOW —  every “half-a-failure”, “ne’r- do -well” wants to cast HIS/HER  “vote” on a weekly basis (like that American Idol garbage) and not “one time” at the polls (like they’re supposed to).    They have become “stalker nuts” who think their “crazy opinion” matters when it does NOT.  . . .


   My Statement: 

1.  I, Renee Ashley Baker, will NOT be meeting with  any U.S. Senators.

2.   I, Renee Ashley Baker, am with the FASHION AND BEAUTY INDUSTRY.

                                      Link To This Page

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NEWS For The New Year, plus, 2011 SHOUT OUTS!

January 4, 2011


I’d like my first date on Janis Spindel Matchmaking Service (in Denver or New York)  to buy me,  BUY  me, a LG Quantum Windows 7 Phone so:  “When I text him —he can see through the windows to my heart”. . . .

My name (Renee Ashley Baker) produces between 7,900,000 – 16,000,000 “Bing” search results.  (That is more than Kate Gosselin but less than Paris Hilton who’s name produces 68,000,000 results. . . .)


   New Song Written by Renee Ashley Baker on Jan 2 (click link below):


I must get 1,000 orders (at $99 per order)


(Note: You WILL be able to FAX your orders)



                                          f r o m

                             Renee Ashley Baker


The   Hive

        Did you know that January 2, 2011 is the anniversary of the beehive?    Yes –hairstylist Margaret Vinci Heldt invented the “heightened hair hive”  at her Chicago hair salon over 50 years ago.  It is said that the history making hairstylist often told her clients: “I don’t care what he does to you from the neck down but from the neck up–I want him to leave you alone !”






















       HAPPY NEW YEAR  (and happy birthday) MEL!




(I, Renee Ashley Baker, hope to be a ‘housewife’ soon. . . .)




HAPPY  NEW  YEAR  BABS  (and others !)






Happy New Year To Paris and Nikki Hilton !


Happy New Year To Matchmaker Janis Spindel !


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