FBI, Dracula, Autobiographies and Etiquette (by Renee Ashley Baker)






  Halloween Video:  http://reneeashleybaker.tripod.com/id10.html

                             A biopic about J. Edgar Hoover ?  

 Yep, I hear there is one in the works.    J Edgar to be played by ?





FOR  HALLOWEEN:  Dracula!   ( by  The Colorado Ballet . . . .) 



 and. . . .








1.  Letitia Baldridge’s  New Manners For New Times: A Complete Guide To Etiquette

2.  Emily Posts Etiquette by Peggy Post

3.  The Nice Girl’s Guide To Good Behavior  by Monica Redich

4.  Entertaining Is Fun by Dorothy Draper




I, Renee Ashley Baker, would like a cash advance from a book Publisher in the amount of $500,000-$1 million dollars for my autobiography “Live!  (In Progress)” by Renee Ashley Baker ( about Renee Ashley Baker’s  foray , entre,  adventure  into the Fashion and beauty industry. . . ) 

The Plan

1.  Renee Ashley Baker photographed by DeSciose (in Denver).

2.  Renee Ashley Baker will sign contract with Janis Spindel Matchmaking Service.

3.  Ford Modeling Agency (New York): Renee Ashley Baker  will move to New York to have Ford Modeling Agency represent Renee Ashley Baker as ‘Spokesmodel’ .

4.  Renee Ashley Baker will sign contract with New York book publisher to publish autobiography “Live!  (In Progress)” by Renee Ashley Baker.

5.  Renee Ashley Baker will  move permanently into Hotel Pierre in New York City.

6.  Renee Ashley Baker will meet with Princess von Furstenberg regarding design of  100% silk tees.

7.  France:  Renee Ashley Baker will  go to France to meet with (to have dinner with) the Chairmen of Chanel, LVMH, and Hermes.

8.Yahoo/Bing:  Renee Ashley Baker would like a seat on the Board of Directors of Yahoo/Bing. . . .




SHOUT  OUT   TO  MICHAEL OF THE CARLYLE   (Cherry Creek, Denver)

 I’d like Michael of the Caryle to style my hair for my photo session with DeSciose