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NO To Football and NO To Universal, NO To Warner Bros (To The F.B.I.: “OUT OF PRODUCTION”)

October 29, 2010





  pictured, Renee Ashley Baker’s mother



         1.  ” Renee Ashley Baker WILL be writing her autobiography “Live! (In Progress)” and RETAINING motion picture rights, TV rights and ebook rights”.

            2.  ” NO”to ALL those Renee Ashley Baker has previously said “NO” to”.   




  Renee Ashley Baker as   “The  Mermaid” 


TO  “DATE  Jewish men in New York and  “get engaged”. . . .using Janis Spindel’s Matchmaking Service





Halloween:Moms,Monsters,and Making Butterbeer

October 20, 2010


Renee Ashley Baker’s Favorite Halloween Costume? (see answer below)

Quiz:  WHO   SHE?


Answer:  A  Beautiful  Princess


Quiz  2:  WHO  HE?

                                HAPPY      HALLOWEEN     EVERYBODY  !





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Try PosterBrain com



what about ?

Tales (Er  Dollars)  From The Crypt ?

Who are the top (deceased) money earners of 2010 from merchandising/licensing  of T-shirts, posters, biographies, shrine tours,   etc etc etc )  

List includes:  Elvis Presley($42 Mil),  Albert Einstein ($20 Mil), Andy Warhol ($19) ,  John Lennon ($24) , Johnny Cash ($8 Mil), Dr. Seuss (Theodore Geisel $10 Mil) and Kurt Cobain $50 Mil(among others)   



Still Don’t Have Your Halloween Costume?    Try  Spirit  Costume Store. . . .


above, Mork from Ork . . . 


and—Want To Advertise?

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My name (Renee Ashley Baker) produces 7,900,000-11,200,000 “BING”  search results (that’s more than Kate Gosselin but less than Paris Hilton who’s name produces 68,000,000 results. . . .)


                                       (Butterbeer  Recipe   Below)

 OCTOBER  IS  FOR  MOMS : (to soap up kids?)

So Moms  ‘soap em up’ with Halloween ‘duck soaps’ from the Quacker Gift Shop (owner Jennifer Brown) . . . .



plus….Other Great  Products (from the Quacker Gift Shop): 

1.    Loofa Soap Scrub  (It’s loofa and soap combined)

2.   Body Butter  (It ROLLS onto heels and elbows) 


plus….also for Moms:

Buy specially marked packages of  Wet Ones(marked with Pink Ribbon) and benefit the Breast Cancer Research Foundation . . .







This Year’s Most Popular Halloween Costumes (in the USA)?


Super Mario (from Party City) . . . .

Harry Potter (from Party City) . . . .

Steam Punk (from  . . . .)

and the

Most popular Halloween costumes (in Germany)?  Why Boheme Sauvage (celebrating Germany’s  Roaring 20’s Revial) 

the  Most popular party/costume company (In England)?  Why Carol Middleton’s costume company Party Pieces (Carol is the Mum of Prince Williams girlfriend/fiance Kate Middleton)  Below a “Pink Witch” costume from Party Pieces. . . .

Click Link To Party Pieces:

Yes–here it is. . . .THE  Halloween costume of 2010. . . . The ‘Palin Pup’  !







SO—What costume will Prince Harry wear this year?   Maybe Party City’s  ‘King Noble’ ?   ( “Blah de  blah, blah” )


Harry Potter & The Hogwarts Authentic Butterbeer   from (click link below):


plus . . . .

JANIS SPINDEL MATCHMAKING:  Renee Ashley Baker is ‘looking for a husband’  (to dress up in costumes with on Halloween).  His qualifications:  Caucasian, 50-70 years of age, and must reside in Colorado, New York, Canada or Europe. 

Renee Ashley Baker will be MOVING TO NEW YORK (then to France to meet the Chandon family and the Chairmen of Chanel, LVMH, and Hermes). . . .

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FBI, Dracula, Autobiographies and Etiquette (by Renee Ashley Baker)

October 12, 2010






  Halloween Video:

                             A biopic about J. Edgar Hoover ?  

 Yep, I hear there is one in the works.    J Edgar to be played by ?





FOR  HALLOWEEN:  Dracula!   ( by  The Colorado Ballet . . . .) 



 and. . . .








1.  Letitia Baldridge’s  New Manners For New Times: A Complete Guide To Etiquette

2.  Emily Posts Etiquette by Peggy Post

3.  The Nice Girl’s Guide To Good Behavior  by Monica Redich

4.  Entertaining Is Fun by Dorothy Draper




I, Renee Ashley Baker, would like a cash advance from a book Publisher in the amount of $500,000-$1 million dollars for my autobiography “Live!  (In Progress)” by Renee Ashley Baker ( about Renee Ashley Baker’s  foray , entre,  adventure  into the Fashion and beauty industry. . . ) 

The Plan

1.  Renee Ashley Baker photographed by DeSciose (in Denver).

2.  Renee Ashley Baker will sign contract with Janis Spindel Matchmaking Service.

3.  Ford Modeling Agency (New York): Renee Ashley Baker  will move to New York to have Ford Modeling Agency represent Renee Ashley Baker as ‘Spokesmodel’ .

4.  Renee Ashley Baker will sign contract with New York book publisher to publish autobiography “Live!  (In Progress)” by Renee Ashley Baker.

5.  Renee Ashley Baker will  move permanently into Hotel Pierre in New York City.

6.  Renee Ashley Baker will meet with Princess von Furstenberg regarding design of  100% silk tees.

7.  France:  Renee Ashley Baker will  go to France to meet with (to have dinner with) the Chairmen of Chanel, LVMH, and Hermes.

8.Yahoo/Bing:  Renee Ashley Baker would like a seat on the Board of Directors of Yahoo/Bing. . . .




SHOUT  OUT   TO  MICHAEL OF THE CARLYLE   (Cherry Creek, Denver)

 I’d like Michael of the Caryle to style my hair for my photo session with DeSciose


Halloween Video: Charlie Daniels and . . . .

October 6, 2010



View Renee Ashley Baker’s  “2010” HALLOWEEN Video (click link below):



     SHOUT OUT — To The Dean/Chancellor of the Wharton School of Business:

 I, Renee Ashley Baker, want to hire an “Intern” from the Wharton School of Business. 

Job Title:  Internet Publicity Assistant/Researcher

Duties: To “collect data” and “prepare reports” on 

 (a) Renee Ashley Baker’s “presence”  on the internet and

 (b)  Renee Ashley Baker’s “merchandising” on the internet. 



Shout Out To Bill O’Reilly:  Can you link my Charlie Daniels page to your website?  (COPY and paste link below)

Shout Out To Sean Hannity:  Can you link my Charlie Daniels page to your website?  (COPY  and paste link below)

Shout Out To Mark  Levin:  Can you link my Charlie Daniels page to your website? (COPY  and paste link below)

Shout Out To Glenn Beck:  Can you link my Charlie Daniels page to your website?  (COPY  and past link below)

Shout Out To Rush Limbaugh:  Can you link my Charlie Daniels page to your website?  (COPY  and paste link below)


Fashion Night Out: In New York City by Renee Ashley Baker

October 1, 2010

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                                 above, Chanel couture 2010

Vogue editor Anna Wintour (at Fashion’s Night Out 2010 NYC) 

 Some goings on at Fashion’s Night Out 2010 NYC


what about . . . .

Fashion’s  Best Dressed List?

They are:

British First Lady Samantha Cameron

Princess Mary of Denmark (born in Hobart Tasmania) 

Princess Mafalda of  Hesse

Princess Diane von Furstenberg


    I, Renee Ashley Baker, am looking for a fashion designer to manufacture a pure silk tee (a 100% silk t-shirt) featuring “Renee Ashley Baker’s INSIGNIA/SYMBOL”.   How bout it Princess?  Let’s have lunch in New York.  (I love Chinese food so shall we say Phillippe?)

T-shirts To be sold at:  Neiman Marcus and Barney’s ?????


2nd     SHOUT OUT  TO ______ (????)

     I, Renee Ashley Baker, am looking for a women’s wear manufacturer to manufacture a 100% cotton tee (t-shirt) that will also feature “Renee Ashley Baker’s INSIGNIA/SYMBOL”.

T-shirt To be sold at:  Lord & Taylor, Dillards, Robinson’s, The Broadway, Nordstrom ?????

T-shirts also To be sold :  On Renee Ashley Baker’s websites

and . . . .

above, Mrs. Ashley, Renee Ashley Baker’s  MOTHER  (wearing her 24kt  gold rings and real diamond pendant) 

          I, Renee Ashley Baker, have only one mother (she is pictured above). . . .

         I, Renee Ashley Baker,  am always talking about my mother—Mrs. Ashley–because she had such great style.  Even when she went to the bank –on King’s Highway in St. Louis–she looked like she stepped out of the pages of Vogue magazine (and I don’t think my mother had ever,  in her life,  even  SEEN  a Vogue or Harper’s Bazaar magazine).  My mother–Mrs. Ashley–had a bank full of money and she spent it–at Stix, Baer, Fuller and Famous Barr  (in St. Louis ) and at Neusteders and Denver Dry( in Denver).  Like I’ve stated previously my mother–Mrs. Ashley– bought– paid for–two houses.   My mother’s house in St. Louis was a mini-mansion that was brought over piece by piece from France in the 1920’s.  it had four bedrooms, a fireplace and mantel in every room, and gold leaf wallpaper on the walls (like they have in the palaces of Europe).  My mother spent many hours watching her favorite soap operas  “Edge of Night” and “Secret Storm” while sitting in her white Queen’s chair  (that came from Famous Barr).






 Renee Ashley Baker will be moving to New York City !

( above, Chanel couture 2008 and below,  Carey Mulligan on Vogue wearing  Chanel couture 2010)


Photographs of Renee Ashley Baker (taken by DeSciose ) will be available (for sale)  to:  Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Vanity Fair, Glamour, Cosmopolitan, Elle, Mademoiselle, Marie Claire, Style, Life & Style, W, In Touch Weekly, Interview, Gotham, New York, Detour, Maxim, FHM,  Art & Antiques, Modern Photography, and  Newsweek Magazine and  US Magazine.


Renee Ashley Baker is “looking for a husband” ( in Colorado, in New York, in Canada, in Europe)