Happy Labor Day! Things To Do (plus Boating Safety)


above “Dawn” by photographer Nicholas DeSciose (of Denver)


p l u s

“Renee”   perfume by Chanel (Yes, Yes!) 

Socialite Sylvia Rubin of San Francisco  wearing St. Laurent

1st:  Renee Ashley Baker’s photo session with a famous Denver photographer….


2nd:  Renee Ashley Baker’s dates with handsome men (Jewish preferred) in Colorado, New York, Canada, and Europe:  Says Renee Ashley Baker ” I still like for a man to take me, buy me do me (even thugh I plan on being a handbag designer in New York City)….
3rd:  A  fabulous apartment in New York: At The Hotel Pierre or The Plaza Hotel . . . .Would a husband like to live at the Hotel Pierre or at The Plaza?  (Renee Ashley Baker will be moving to New York)
No To CBS TV Shows (No to Scott Caan’s TV Show), No to Fox 31 TV Shows (No to “Fringe”)….Renee Ashley Baker will NOT, NOT appear on any TV Shows (No to TV Series EXCEPT  Tinsley Mortimer’s  “High Society” which is taped in New York City).  No to Paris Hilton (Paris Hilton will NOT be producing any TV show, nor any music for Renee Ashley Baker) and NO, NO , NO to all others I, Renee Ashley Baker, have previously said “NO” to. . . .NO BOOK….NO ELWAY’S….NO GALE/GAIL 
Click Link To The Coaction Group For Safe Boating


 Click Link:  http://www.uptake.com/blog/holiday-festivals/labor-day-things-to-do_510.html


 P  L  U  S

(pictured above, Mel Gibson as Captain Walker in Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome)

SO — Mel Gibson has  ‘ always’  been a ‘brawler’ he has always  had a temper.   Did you know that the night before he was to begin filming the first “Mad Max” (for Kennedy Miller) he got into a “bar fight” (in an Australian bar) and nearly got “blinded in one eye”  ? 

(pictured  above,  Renee Ashley Baker)

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