“The Godfather” ( ION TV MEMORIAL DAY )plus hear my song “Dueling Matchmakers” plus “WEEKENDER: The Big Girl’s Guide To Weekends”


                                                  an  infant




The  Angel  Michael


equals . . . .

                                         Great Italian Opera


                                               Mario   Puzo


                                                    and by

                                      Francis   Ford   Coppola


                                          “The   Godfather”

                                         ( OPEN   LETTER )

TO:  Daily Variety, The Hollywood Reporter, The New York Times, Entertainment Tonight, RadarOnline.com, SplashNews.com, Popeater.com, AFI, NYU(Film School) and AMPAS:

FROM:  Renee Ashley Baker

I, RENEE ASHLEY BAKER,  will not be doing any motion picture projects with Talia Shire, Carmine Coppola, Sophia Coppola, Francis Ford Coppola, nor Nicolas Cage.   Having said that–I will now tell you a story—as follows:  

YEARS AGO, I came to meet someone (a WOMAN) who talked incessantly about a very famous person (A  HISTORICAL FIGURE) whom she said she felt a strong “connection” to.    She–“this WOMAN”– talked also about herself and about how she was “connected to”   (related to)  a very famouos showbusiness family (The Coppolas).    This WOMAN continued to talk telling me something even more astonishing:  That she — and her children–had been involved in a landmark State Supreme Court Case in a state located in the southern part of the United States.    A court case  that involved what they used to  call “race relations”.    A  court case that would –even now–astonish the world.   I do NOT know whether this WOMAN  actually is a relative of the Coppola family–I do believe (after recently watching “Godfather I”  and  “Godfather III”  on television)  that Sophia Coppola should portray “this WOMAN”  in a motion picture.    That Sophia Coppola should also write and direct this motion picture.    Although I wish to have NO  involvement with the project–Sophia  Coppola should title the motion picture “HOW THE  HUMMINGBIRD FLIES”. . . . 

  Strange as it seems 

  Frozen in time 

  Both a yes and a no

  Both the truth and a lie

  Strange as it seems

  An astonishment to the eyes 

  Frozen in mid-air 

 Is how the Hummingbird flies…. 



            Renee Ashley Baker

  Copyright by Renee Ashley Baker 


  p.s.  I’d like to have the dress and earrings Sophia Coppolla wore in the last scene of “Godfather III” .  I’d like  to wear that dress and earrings  when I attend  the Paris Opera….

(now   listen)



         LISTEN TO:  “Dueling Matchmakers” by Renee Ashley Baker      MUST  ADJUST  VOLUME!!!   (now click link below)



AND   NOW….Chanel

(above Chanel’s “Resort Collection 2010”)


Planning a weekend with Your Guy  on a yacht or at a swanky hotel?   Don’t forget the FAUX….




It’s  FAUX ….  but  FABULOUS !

(above, Renee Ashley Baker’s favorite New York wig maker Joseph Fleischer.  His famous faux “hair put ons” are  FABULOUS!) 

 plus….Wishing For Angel’s Hair?????

try “Style by Jaclyn Smith”

and….new to the faux?

   No way….

(Long time wig wearer  Kim Zolciak, above,  is launching her own wig line “K-Z Wigs”.  Hey Kim!  I want one of your  “KZ ” wigs….plus…I love your party  song….)

Anything else?  Yup…. 

Don’t forget the faux glow:

(don’t leave the city without visiting Faux Glow spray tan salon in New York)

plus….are you

Shading What’s Fabulous?

Louis Vuitton’s 2010 Sunglass Collection will help you…. 


How to Pack  What’s Fabulous….

pack  Chanel’s  Weekender Rollaboard (of course)….

and ….

For evenings that are fabulous….

Samantha Thavasa Handbags (for nite)

and finally….

Finding Whose Fabulous….

(above Barbie Adler owner of Selective Search  Matchmaking Service on Park Avenue in New York)

 “Ode to Ken”


 Renee Ashley Baker

copyright 2010 by Renee Ashley Backer 


(set to the music of “Venus If You Will”


Barbie if you will

  please find me Ken

 I promise to fulfill

Do help me win

 I only need a friend

 Oh Barbie can you find me Ken