About Renee Ashley Baker’s Mother (plus “Good-bye Lynn Redgrave”)


pictured :  Renee Ashley Baker’s  mother (Mrs. Ashley) wearing her ‘real’ diamond pendant and ‘real’  yellow gold rings, earrings and watch  (also pictured are  Mrs. Ashley’s  crystal  from Germany  and  her Hummel from Germany ….


When I, Renee Ashley Baker,  was a little girl my mother Mrs. Ashley  (pictured above) would make me FRENCH TOAST for breakfast. 

 When I was a girl growning up my mother had, in her mini mansion (in St. Louis ) various pets.   Such as:  a canary, a parakeet, gold fish in a large acquarium, and several dogs and puppies.  (In fact–during the mid-1960’s one of my mother’s pets  was a pure bred Beagle that looked just like the one President Lyndon Johnson had in the White House at the time. Unfortunately he– the  Beagle — met the fate of  President Clinton’s “Buddy”)…

For Mothers’  Day —  I am going to offer a contest.  A  free poster of ‘YOUR  MOTHER’ –from PosterBrain–to anyone who can name any one of my mother’s pets. (You can make your guess  before ,  on,  or  until the following week after,  Mother’s Day). 


“Good-bye Lynn Redgrave”   from Renee Ashley Baker



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