“WRITE A SONG/CRISTMAS TIME IS HERE” (A Christmas Song by Renee Ashley Baker…



"Christmas Time Is Here"

“WRITE A SONG” (Christmas Time Is Here)
Renee Ashley Baker
Lyrics by Renee Ashley Baker
Copyright 2009 by Renee Ashley Baker
(Set To “Christmas Time Is Here”. Music by Vince Guarldi and Original Lyrics by Annie Haslam)

Christmas Time Is Here
Time For Thankful Cheer
Write A Song Of Love Forlorn
And I’ll Pull You Near

Christmas Time Is Fine
Joyful It Reminds
Write A Rhyme of Happy Times
And I’ll Call You Mine

What Note Sends You High

Floating Through The Sky

Find A Chord That’s Snug  and Warm

And Then My Love I’ll Sigh

Christmas Time Is Here

 Lovers Dreams To Share  

 Misseltoe , the music flows,

 to win my heart just dare

Oh win my heart just dare

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