Portrait of Renee by James….

Marilyn Monroe by James Gill

I, Renee Ashley Baker, will hire (commission) James Gill to paint Renee Ashley Baker’s portrait….


Renee Ashley Baker’s Exercise Routine

1. Nordic Trac Ski Machine
2. Ballet Bar
3. Jonathan Urla Pilates,
4. Renee Ashley Baker will meet (“date”) all 60 of the white males (that is the “love matches”) that have been “love matched” with Renee Ashley Baker on eHarmony.
5. Renee Ashley Baker “may” do a “radio show” (in New York City) which hopefully will be sponsored by Amazon.com, Yahoo/Bing and General Motors (or Mercedes Benz).
6. Renee Ashley Baker will sign a contract with Ford Modeling Agency for representation to 21 Companies for $21 million dollars (companies which include Chanel, Chanel Cosmetics –Renee Perfume by Chanel, Jimmy Choo, AT&T, Rolex and Swarovski for jewelry boxes to be designed by Renee Ashley Baker called, “Pandora’s Box”.
7. Renee Ashley Baker will be moving to Germany (Berlin)