ELVIS RUMORS: True or False ?



Elvis Presley

ELVIS: The King Of Rock and Roll

Rumor/Urban Legend (Folklore or Fact):   That—Elvis Presley learned to sing  — in a “gospel church”– when he was just  a little boy.

Answer/Report:  True.   Elvis Presley–at ages 3,4,5  years old–  would   come into the ‘Church of God In Christ’  that my mother (Mrs Ashley) was a member of  and  attended. (My mother attended  every Sunday)….  My  brother— the brother who “did work”  for the U.S. Secret Service—- was almost the same age as Elvis.   My  brother and Elvis used to play together–in this  Tupelo Mississippi church !

Elvis: 1956,Year In Gold

ELVIS  DOLL:  Gold (1956)


RENEE ASHLEY BAKER’S  MOTHER (Gold in 1939):  Mrs. Ashley (aka Mrs B) at a “white wine/champagne” cocktail party in  ‘the Hamptons’  (on Long Island)…..

About My Mother :

I have one mother (and one mother only) and she– is Mrs. Ashley (now deceased)….  My mother (Mrs Ashley) became a wife and mother at a very, very,  young age.   In 1939– like a “bat outa hell”  my mother ran — with my brother  (“faster than a speeding locamotive”) — OUT– of  Tupelo Mississippi…..  By the time Elvis made his television debut in 1956  (on the “Ed Sullivan Show”)  my mother (Mrs Ashley) had been living in St. Louis, Missouri  for almost 20 years….   “Elvis”  my mother told me, “used to stand in the back of the church and pat his hands and sing”….

Ed Sullivan Show

Sulllivan Show (Elvis made his TV debut in 1956)

Scotty Moore by nhphoto on Flickr

Guitarist Scotty Moore (hired by Elvis  in 1956) 

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Dear Snopes:

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