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Alumni: NYU, Columbia, Harvard, plus Germany Memorial Day

May 20, 2009


                         Renee Ashley Baker’s  Universities….

Columbia UniversityNew York University

Harvard University


           10.  I, Renee Ashley Baker, attended two private colleges. 

                                               HELLO  ALUMS !

         To all those who attended New York University, Columbia University in New York, and Harvard University  I, Renee Ashley Baker, would like to run an advertisement for your business (your lawfirm, your apparel company, your day spa, your consulting firm, your hand bag company, your foundation, your restaurant, your travel agency, your mortgage company, your real estate brokerage, your software company, your fashion boutique, your art gallery, your photography studio, your architechtural firm, and your shoe company (aka Brown Shoe Company in St. Louis– Missouri).

               As you may know 70 Million People log on to the internet each day.  Approximately 700 Million People log on to the internet each week–worldwide.   (And–75% of all American households now have the internet).

               Also–as you may know a “display ad” in a local daily newspaper may reach 200,000 -500,000 readers (and can cost from $1,000-$10,000 for a one-time only run).  By contrast, an advertisement on a Blog can reach 70 million web-surfers/web shoopers each day and will cost far less than a newspaper ad.

             The minimum run on my Blog for small to medium size businesses  is 1 month ($200) and 3 months (for $600) and 6 months (for $1200).   Large “corporations” must buy for 12 months minimum (or $2400). 

               I, Renee Ashley Baker, look forward to hearing from you and I look forward to promoting your product or services.

              Very truly yours,

              RENEE ASHLEY BAKER


                      “25 Things About Renee Ashley Baker”

11.  I, Renee Ashley Baker, am giving my mother (Mrs. Ashley) an endowment (a chair) at Wellesley.  I, Renee Ashley Baker, am giving my father (Mr. Ashley) an endowment (a chair) at Harvard.

 12.       I, Renee Ashley Baker, will become a permanent citizen of Monaco Monte Carlo.

 13.     I, Renee Ashley Baker, will be Christie Brinkley….I, Renee Ashley Baker, will become a “SpokesModel” for 13 companies (including Hermes St. Louis Cristal) and I, Renee Ashley Baker, will be paid a “total” of $24 million dollars from these 13 companies.  (The Kennedys’ names will go on the $24 million dollar bank account)

   14.      I, Renee Ashley Baker, hate “American Idol” the tv show.

   15.      I, Renee Ashley Baker, hate “Coca-Cola”.

    16.   I,   Renee Ashley Baker, hate “California”.

plus….for the Holiday….. 


Bently GTC by Jeroenolthof on Flickr

Memorial Day Drive ( in the country?)…Try the new  Bentley 2009 GTC Convertible

Lobster Gram com

Memorial Day Dinner (in the city?)….Try


                                  German Memorial Day ? Wall


                                         FALL OF THE WALL

            I, Renee Ashley  Baker, am learning to speak fluent German;  I, Renee Ashley Baker,  plan to live in Germany (for a year or two);  I, Renee Ashley Baker,  have friends who are German and I, Renee Ashley Baker,  have “dated” German men ….Therefore– I, Renee Ashley Baker,  am “eligible”  right?….

           IT is my understanding that Germany has been seeking a “design” for what is being called the “Fall Of The Wall Memorial”.  

         This “memorial” all commemorate the “fall of the Berlin wall” (in 1989).  This  “memorial” is to be located right in the heart of Berlin on land that is approximately 3000 sq metres. 

          So….I, Renee Ashley Baker, would like to hereby –officially–submit, to the Culture Minister of Germany, my CONCEPT for the “Fall Of  The Wall Memorial”….

                                    “99 White Balloons”


                                     Renee Ashley Baker

         Copyright 2009 by Renee Ashley.   All Rights Reserved

            A WALL,  6ft tall,  made of newly invented “see through concrete” .    On top of the wall,  are 99 WHITE BALLOONS.  These 99 WHITE BALLOONS , made of glass and with white strings attached, are pulling “The Wall” up, up, up towards the right . On the ground, at  left , pushing “The Wall” upwards is a BLACK VOLKSWAGEN  BEETLE…..

      (Note:  My design, of course, is inspired by the 1984 song, “99 Luft Ballons” by Nena)

VIEW VIDEO:    “99 Balloons” by Nena                              

                           HAPPY   MEMORIAL   DAY!

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May 13, 2009



Summer Is Here…What To Do On A Guy/Gal Weekend Retreat….

Handsome Blonde Guy

above, Handsome Guy


Paint Ball

Paint Ball


Mercedes Benz BicycleMercedes bicycle



Plantune Sand X Mobile

Do remember:  To Keep Time with Breitling


Do remember: To Pack The Swiss Army Knife (w/USB Flash Drive)


Do remember: To Pack The Molton Brown Travel Bath Gel


Do remember: Man’s Best Friend (Robo Dog)


Do remember: The Perfect Martini

GSI stainless steel martini glass

Do remember: The Perfect Brunch

Do remember: To Take Along “American Thinker” (to read how England banned conservative radio shock jock  Michael Savage)

American Thinker Magazine

 Weekend Suggestions:  Brooks Falls in Katmai National Park, Ak (For Brown Bear Watching)  Get Details:


1.  WALK: Through National Parks then dine on “Five Star Chef” created meals at the National Parks’ concessionaire.  Get Details:

2.  BIKE:  Seattle has its Burke–Gilman trail which runs along the shores of Lake Wshington.  Rent Bicycles at:

3.  ROLLERBLADE (FOR BEGINNERS): 13 cities across America during May, June, and August  are holding  Roller Blade Camps for $239 (not including lodging and meals).

4.  HORSEBACK RIDE:  Washington, DC has it’s hour long horseback riding through Rock Creek Park.  Reserve a horse at:

5.  HOT AIR BALLOON:  Ogden Valley, Utah has super scenic sunrise journeys through the clear June sky.  Reserve with Windrider 1 800 771 3125.

6.  WINDMILL DINING:  St. Louis,Missouri has The Brevo Mill.  Get Reservation info at:

7.  SPA/RETREAT: Massachusettes has it’s luxury five star Canyon Ranch Spa. Get details at:

Canyon Ranch Resort in Lenox Mass

 Don’t forget: Tarte Little Blot Book (a compact with blotting sheets from Sephora .com)

Don’t forget: La Mer’s SPF 18 (It’s Renee Ashley’s favorite)

La Mer SPF 18 Fluid Tint

 Don’t forget: Karl Lagerfeld (Er don’t forget Mr. Karls sport watch “Chanel J12” for women)

Karl Lagerfeld

Don’t forget: The “Moet” (champagne):

Moet Champagne

Don’t forget: To Take Vanity Fair (to read about “The Madoff Affair”)Vanity Fair June 2009

Renee Ashley Baker resides in Boston Massachusettes….



May 6, 2009


                                Product of the Day…Flowers…Of Course








   Photo:    “Cave Mom Mother’s Day Bouquet” by Renee Ashley Baker.  Taken With A Motorola Camera Phone….


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