666 or “6 Days of Christmas”










What is in Renee Ashley Baker’s Boston Condominium ? Why Furnishings, Household Goods and Hi Tech Security of course….

1.  Modern Furniture:  Roche Bobois of France

2.  Silver:  Christofle of France

3.  Crystal:  St. Louis Crystal Stemware by Hermes of France

4.  Linens:  Yeves Delorme  linens by Palais Royal of France

5.  Tea Cups and Saucers:  Old Country Rose Chintz by Royal Albert

6.  Chandelier:  Crystal Chandelier by Waterford Crystal of Ireland

7.  Candles:  English Rose fragrance “Diana Princess of Wales” by Slatkin & Co of England

8.  Coffee Table:  Microsoft Surface Touch Computer Coffee Table

9.  Video Camera:  Micro Innnovations In-Sight Motion Webcam (rotates to follow Renee  as she  move)….




Renee Ashley Baker’s Chanel Evening Gown



Renee Ashley Baker’s Jimmy Choos



Renee Ashley Baker’s  Fur Coats

above, Renee Ashley Baker’s Wardrobe (hanging in the closet in her  Boston condominium where they will stay until moved to Monaco Monte Carlo….)


above, Renee Ashley Baker as “The  Mermaid”

I, Renee Ashley Baker, WILL NOT  DO TELEVISION….this means “NO” to NBC and “NO” to CBS.  However, I will become “ABC’s The Bachlorette”  IF:

A.   The show airs 13 weeks worldwide on ABC Network

B.  “The Bachelorette” is filmed/taped in France (or in the South of France ) in a Chateau.

C.   I, Renee Ashley Baker, get to “sellect” all of the “eligible” bachelors that will appear on the show.

D.  I, Renee Ashley Baker, get to “select” all of the “date” locations.

E.  I, REnee Ashley Baker, get to “select” any and all music used on the show.  (I will select all classical music and opera).

Note:  There will be  NO “kids” on the show.   I, Renee Ashley Baker will judge each “eligible bachelor” on his kissing skills, his charm, his culturedness, his intellect, his style, and his “ability” to complete a “secret task” that each “eligible bachelor”  will be asked to complete….

Renee Ashley Baker’s Finances

       $50,000   (yearly salary from The Kennedys)

   $5,000,000 (for Harper Collins “charity work” book)

$  5,050,000 (sub Total)

  – 2,020,000 (IRS Taxes)

     3,030,000 (After Taxes)

  – 1,000,000 (Rothschild Bank CD)

    2,030,000 (remainder)

+3,000,000 (Loan  from The Kennedys)

   5,030,000 (remainder)

– 2,500,000 (Boston Condo with Furniture)

  3,530,000 (Rothschild Bank Monte Carlo)

 -2,000,000 (Monaco Monte Carlo Condo)

       500,000 (remainder)

+3,000,000(from Microsoft for 3-7 yrs)

   3,500,000 (Rothschild Bank in  Monte Carlo)

 I, Renee Ashley Baker, will become a citizen of Monaco Monte Carlo and will reside permanently in Monaco Monte Carlo.



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