Glamorous Wednesday: The Land Of Canaan

Renee Ashley Baker’s Mother (The Beautiful Mrs B) and her “people” (below)….


 Doris Duke


Doris Duke (aka “The Richest Little Girl In The World”) was the only child of tabacco and electric energy tycoon James Buchanan Duke and his second wife, southern aristocrat, Nanaline Holt Inman.  Doris maintained three spectacular homes, they were: “Rough Point” (a 115 room Victorian manor-style mansion in Newport, RI); “Shangri-La” (an estate she built in Honolulu Hawaii);  and “Falcon’s Lair” (the former estate of movie screen legend Rudolph Valentino).

plus….Barbara Hutton


Barbara Hutton (aka “Poor LIttle Rich Girl”) was the only girl child of Edna Woolworth (daughter of Frank W. Woolworth) and Franklyn Laws Hutton the co-founder of the respected E. F. Hutton & Company.

plus….Brooke Astor

Brooke Astor (nee’ Roberta Brooke Russell) was the only child of John Henry Russell, Jr and his wife Mabel Cecile Hornby Howard.  She was named for her maternal grandmother, Roberta Traill Brooke MacGill Howard and she was known as “Bobby” to close friends and family.

My Mother’s Million Dollar Diamonds….


Cartier (Cost: $1 million dollars) 


                                           Chanel (Cost: $1 million dollars)


Harry Winston (Cost: $1 million dollars) 

                               Tiffany & Co (Cost: $1 million dollars)


Renee Ashley Baker’s Jimmy Choo 33 1/3 carat Diamond Shoe.  Cost: $1 million dollars.  (not pictured above) 


NO TO DENVER COLORADO.  Denver Colorado is a poor, broke, C-list, shakedown cowtown that is going to STOP “extorting” Renee Ashley Baker for money….Madonna and Lourdes are both “DOGS”.

special thanks:  Wikipedia