Who Is It Testifying Before Congress?  (Guess)…..

   “Fanny The Cat”

above, “Fanny The Cat” by Renee Ashley Baker.   (Photo taken by Renee Ashley Baker with a Motorola Camera Phone)….

plus….another Kennedy honored

Another Kennedy honored at the Democratic National Convention was President John  F.  Kennedy — honored by his brother U.S. Senator Robert F. Kennedy

“When I think of President Kennedy I think of what Shakespeare said in Romeo and Juliet:  “When he shall die take him and cut him out into the stars and he shall make the face of heaven so fine that all the world will be in love with night and pay no worship to the garish sun”….

Download RFK’s 1964 DNC Speech (below) 


Renee Ashley Baker’s $50,000 Bed:

To sleep under the stars “heavenly”  gaze Renee Ashley Baker has purchased the “Starry Night Bed”.    This “technological wonder” turns into a veritable “theatre on box springs” casting a ’10-foot screen from a headboard mounted LCD projector.  This “Starry Night” is also equipped with “surround sound” involving four 8 inch subwoofers.  And also included is a “wireless keyboard” to go with it’s “Wi-Fi Connection”.  And the 5 “terrabytes”  of storage that comes with the “Starry Night” holds up to 2000 hours of video. 

VIDEO: Senator Edward M Kennedy at the 2008 DNC


     I, Renee Ashley Baker,  was not going to come out this week to “post” my “blog” but after last night’s tribute to “my” courageous Senator Edward M. Kennedy I had to “pay tribute as well”…..So, I’ll see all of “my” Kennedys when I get to Hyannisport/Boston Massachusettes…..

RFK Speech Download: http://americanrhetoric.com/speeches/rfk1964dnc.htm

Yes to Disney.  Disney Corporation will distribute Renee Ashley Baker’s first motion picture, in movie theatres worldwide, under an “output deal” valued at $53.5 million dollars.  Renee Ashley Baker will “Executive Produce” the motion picture and U.S. Senator Edward M. Kennedy will co-produce/consult.  Renee Ashley Baker will make a profit of $104.3 million dollars.  (Still No to Denver Colorado.)