Friday Futures:Looks a like McCain’s House + Chinese at dinner?



above, celebrity-look-alike Brian as V.P. Dick Cheney  (photo courtesy of Classique-Productions)

above, the “real deal” V.P. Richard Bruce Cheney…. 

The Beast and now….The Beauty 

above, movie star Milla Jovovich modeling Renee Ashley Baker’s Chanel evening gown.  (Renee’s Aside:  “Thanks Mr. Lagerfeld!”)


above, the former of home of John and Cindy McCain.  As you can see above the house has a “resort” size pool.  The house is located in Phoenix Arizona and is being represented by Sotheby’s International Realty.  Cost: $12 million dollars. 



above, Jennifer 8 Lee author of “The Fortune Cookie Chronicles”.   Jennifer is one of the New York Times most popular bloggers.  According to her website, Jennifer’s new book (The Fortune Cookie Chronicles) “takes readers on a remarkable journey both foreign and familiar”…. 

(Renee’s Aside 2:  “Confucious say, He who sit on ‘fortune cookie’ need to watch where they big ‘ga-donka-donk’  butt is aimed at.   ‘Say-o-nara !’ )



Disney Corporation will distribute Renee Ashley Baker’s first motion picture, in movie theatres worldwide, under an “output deal.  “THANK YOU ROBERT IGER  OF DISNEY FOR THE $53.5 MILLION DOLLARS”….