Glamorous Wednesday: Mother’s Gold




My mother was a “housewife” for over 40 years.  Her favorite soap opera was “The Edge Of Night”….

(to view larger image of “MRS B”  click photo above)

and….my mother always wore her broochs…(The  one  above is Oscar Heyman’s Diamond and Emerald Cat Brooch.  Cost: $26,000) 


and…. my mother owned/wore crocodile heels (closed toe pumps) with a matching crocodile bag. (above, is Jimmy Choo’s crocodile “Bari” bag.  Cost $28,000).

and….now for Renee Ashley Baker’s favorites: 

Wig Makers: Joseph Fleischer in NYC (he made wigs for Jackie O)

Shampoo:  Alterna –it is made with real caviar (Cost: $100 per bottle).

Hair Salon:  Mr. Kenneth’s Salon in New York City (Mr. Kenneth did both Jackie O and Marilyn Monroe) and Christophe’s Salon in Washington DC (He does “first ladies” too).

Nail Salon:  Cristophe’s Salon, 18 St. N.W. (Washington DC) and Dorothy’s Nail Spa , E 90th St (New York City)

Dentist:  Lana Rosenberg in New York City

(Renee’s Aside:  She’s Christy Brinkley’s Dentist)

Dentists (con’t): Irwin Smigel, Jan Lindford and H Spielman (all in New York City).

Dermatologists:  Dr. Doris Day, Dr. Bruce Katz, Dr. Fred Brandt, Dr. Jaliman, Dr. Arnold Klein and last but not least Patricia Wexler

Opthamalogists:  Alain Mikli, Selima Optics, Manhattan Eyeworks, Morgenthal Fredericks and Robert Marc (all in New York City).

Gadgets:  Shur Earbuds SE530 ($550), Back Up Pal and Cellstick (I’ve purchased both), PC To PC File Transfer, and last but not least the WiFi Charge Pad by IGO….

and….Renee Ashley Baker’s favorite fall “peepers”….                   

Dior’s “Purple Lady”  Eye Make Up 


 Dior’s “Blue Lady” Eye Make Up

Dior’s “Red Lady” Eye Make Up


Renee Ashley Baker’s Favorite Chinese…. 

A young Chinese fan of the Bejing Olympic Games?


 an IBM couple weds….(Lin Bleivuan and her fiance to marry on August 8)




Disney Corporation will distribute Renee Ashley Baker’s first motion picture, in movie theatres worldwide, under an “output deal” valued at $53.5 million dollars.  Renee Ashley Baker’s talent agent is handling the negotiations.  Renee Ashley Baker will Executive Produce and U.S. Senator Edward M. Kennedy will co-produce/consult.  Renee Ashley Baker is “hiring”  Disney Corporation as her motion picture distributor.  Renee Ashley Baker will make a profit of $104.3 million dollars.  Renee Ashley Baker will reside in Washington DC.

STILL “NO” to Gail/Gale, No to Warner Bros, No to Universal, No to Grammercy, No to MCA/Farm, No to rappers, No to rap music and NO to Madonna….