Glamorous Wednesday: E


                            My Mother


                    Renee Ashley Baker

      The Beautiful Mrs B (who always dressed like the ladies in Vogue Magazine) is pictured above wearing a beautiful sheer silk blouse,  her  “24 kt gold”  rings and earrings, and– her favorite Diamond Heart Pendant Necklace (Coeur de la Mer?)

      My mother always, always owned fur coats.  She owned a full length mink coat  and a mink stroller,  and a mink stole.  (In fact, in the early 1960’s my mother owned a “real leopard coat”  that was exactly like the one worn by First Lady Jackie Kennedy while Jackie  was still living in the WH with President Kennedy). 

      My mother summered in “The Hamptons” and attended “dinner parties” with politicians (a U.S. Congressman).  She also sat at dinner tables with “important families” (with the last name “Dupont”).   My mother  “paid for” my  ballet lessons and she took pictures of me “dancing solo” at my dance recitals.  Financially–my mother was “confortable” (she had a “net worth” of $250,000).  And–during  her “last years” my mother, like a  wise Grecian Goddess, came to understand much. 

          And….my Mother did great things–she raised “the Good Son” and she raised Renee Ashley Baker.  And –she wanted me to “go to Hyannisport” and “go to Washington DC”  long before I knew I’d have to.


Signed, Renee Ashley Baker  

    P.S.   Denver is a dirty, C-list, shakedown, extorting, cowtown which is why I tore the book up. (I will NOT write the book again).   This C-list, cowtown (named Denver) needed me and my mother to throw Denver a bone.  I “tore up the book” so that Gail/Gale couldn’t see it and I “tore up the book” so that Warner Bros couldn’t have it.  ME AND MY MOTHER ARE FROM ST. LOUIS , MISSOURI….  

and further….


Portrait of Lady Barbara Lowther on Horseback”  (painted by Munnings in 1919).  The painting,  previously estimated at $1.6-$2.9 million, was sold at auction (by Sotheby’s) on May 7, 2008.


 “Summer Evening” by Childe Hassam

About Childe Hassam (b Oct 17, 1859, d August 27,1935).   Frederick Childe Hassam was an American Impressianist  Painter born in Dorchester (Boston) Massachusettes.  He attended drawing classes at the Lowell Institute, as division of M.I.T, and was a member of the Boston Art Club.

     Hassam is famous for his series of 22 flag paintings, which he began in 1916, when he was inspired by a “preparedness parade” (for World War *) which was held on Fifth Avenue in New York City….

      In 1919 Hassam purchased a home in East Hampton, New York.  He died there at age 75.


(Note: Renee Ashley Baker is NOT going to California.  Renee Ashley Baker will visit Hyannisport Massachusettes and will Renee Ashley Baker will reside in Washington DC.  Disney Corporation will distribute Renee Ashley Baker’s first motion picture, in movie theatres worldwide, under an “output deal” valued at $53.5 million dollars.  Renee Ashley Baker will make a “profit” of $104.3 million dollars….)


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