“Elvis The Ultimate Film Collection: The Graceland Edition”

Highlight 1: Elvis in Movies (14 of Elvis’ personal favorites)

Highlight 2:  Elvis In Concert

         a.  1968 TV Comback Special “Elvis Blackleather”

          b.  Las Vegas Elvis (White leather) “That’s The Way It Is”

     Highlight 3:  Elvis at Home (aka “home movies”)

     Did you know–that in 1956 Elvis appears for the first time on TV and in movies.  Can you name the TV Show?  The Movie? 

      (Renee’s Aside: “The TV show was “The Steve Allen Show” and the movie was “Love Me Tender” produced by Hal Wallis)

      DVD Available For Purchase?  Yes–only at ElvisBoxSet.com

      (Renee’s Aside 2 to Priscila Presley: “Hey Priscilla–why don’t you organize an annual ELVIS FILM FESTIVAL?   I would call opening night “Memphis Lights: The Night The Lights Came On In Memphis”.  The opening date would of course be AUGUST 16TH.   And– I’d be most happy to accept an invite to be “special guest of honor” —you can reach me via Mr. Robert Iger the Chairman of the Disney Corporation)”….



above, photos of Renee Ashley Baker

View Renee’s Green Earrings — and Renee’s Greek Closet (click video and link below):

Renee’s Greek CLOSET:


Renee’s Green EARRINGS: 

Disney Corporation  will distribute Renee Ashley Baker’s first motion picture, in movie theaters worldwide, under an “output deal” valued at $53.5 million dollars.  U.S. Senator Edward M Kennedy will co-produce/consult.   Renee Ashley Baker will “Executive Produce” .   Renee Ashley Baker will make a profit of  $104.3 million dollars.  (MOTION PICTURE — NOT BOOK)

WHY–does poor broke c-list cowtown Denver keep begging me to “throw them a bone ???? ”  (OR IS IT “EXTORTING A BONE”?)