Glamorous Wednesday: Millionaires !


above an “i Stock Photo” of a “Business Woman”

                   THE  MILLIONAIRE  MOMMY

Thomas J Stanley’s book, “The Millionaire Mommy Next Door” has been called a fascinating study and analysis of the nature and lifestyles of wealthy American business women.  Did you know that a common characteristic of these successful business women is “frugality” ?    For instance–the most typical “millionaire woman” spends “median” (for the following):  A Home/Condo ($299,998), A Motor Vehicle ($38,315), A Suit Of Clothing ($400), A Pair Of Shoes ($139), A Wristwatch ($425), and A Vacation ($7,526)….More?

 According to “Market Watch” 8.9% of Americans are millionaires.  That translates to roughly 2.6 million Americans.  According to “The Affluent Market Research Program”  the counties in the United States which host the most millionaires are:  Los Angeles (262,000 millionaire households), Cook County Illinois, followed by Orange County California (aka “The OC” aka  home of “The Hills”).  And…Did you know that 40% of all U.S. Senators are “certified” millionaires?

More On Women Entrepreneurs….

Did you know that—female run companies employ 12 million people and generate “2 trillion” dollars per year?  And…Can you name any “women entrepreneurs” of note?  Try Debbie Meyer, Carol Gardner and Jen Groover.  (Can you name which companies they run ?)

             View Renee Ashley Baker’s purchases (below): 


 above, Renee Ashley Baker’s DC Mansion (Cost: $5.2 million)

above, House in the South of France.  Renee Ashley Baker may purchase this home (which is selling for $2.0 million dollars)


above, Renee Ashley Baker’s white on white Rolls Royce Corniche (cost: $500,000).

Renee Ashley Baker and her “talent agent” will be signing her $53.5 million dollar Disney motion picture distribution contract in a lawyer’s office then Renee Ashley Baker will send her “Screenplay Scenario” to Robert Iger (Chairman of Disney).  Now View Renee’s MySpace Cinema and Renee’s Wardrobe Closet….

View Renee Ashley Baker’s MySpace Cinema (click link below)

View Renee Ashley Baker’s Closet (click link below):

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