“The Model” plus “The Hat” (History Monday: For “Moore”)

HEAR: “The Model’s Theme” (click link below)

THE MODEL\’S THEME by Renee Ashley Baker               

Renee Ashley Baker
Copyright 2010 by Renee Ashley Baker


A gathering of ‘the fashionable’, in the ‘sud de France’, at a haute couture fashion showing of Jean Paul Gaultier. Everyone who is anyone is there–jet set, aristocrats, diplomats, royalty. Champagne flows throughout the blue & white tent. Abruptly the lights flicker then dim–the SHOW BEGINS. One after the other, 6ft tall models march down the runway. Count them– 50? 70? 100? Then last –always last–comes the SHOW STOPPER–the show closing ‘bridal gown’ IN BLACK! Only this model (5’6″ tall) reaches back and pulls over her head a high tech GAS MASK (made of 48 carat gold). She puts the gas mask over her nose then she reaches back over her head and this time pulls out a GR-NADE! In one ANIMATED STROKE she throws the grenade into the audience– and– as it EXPLODES it sends a ‘CHEMICAL CLOUD’ waifting through the air. Our ‘Model’ then gazes around the room at the patrons–she KNOWS– they are NOT dead but are MERELY ASLEEP as she has great and important USE for them later. WE REALIZE that our model–who stepped onto the stage wearing all Black is now wearing all WHITE!….Her MISSION ACCOMPLISHED she assuredly and arrogantly continues her walk–ALONE– down the runway. She steps, steps, steps out of the tent and into a tube that is clear–that is transparent. CAMERA PULLS BACK WE SEE our villainess as she does her ‘fierce’ model stomp through this ‘SEE THROUGH’ tunnel. The tunnel leads where? Where else but across the WIDE AZURE BLUE SEA! As we watch this ‘walk on water’ (this ‘model stomp on water’) WE HEAR: “Model’s Theme” (click link at top of page)….


                     THE HAT By Renee Ashley Baker


As the SCENE OPENS WE SEE a  Teacher sitting at her desk at the front of the class. Her hair is red and her eyes are emerald green.  WE SEE it is “after school”.  Class is over and all chairs in the classroom are empty “SAVE” one.   In this one chair –that is spotlighted by a “ray” of sunlight beaming through a shadeless window– a young girl, age 7 or so, sits wearing a crisp white blouse, a red shetland wool sweater, and a green tartain skirt.  From a distance WE CAN SEE the young girl–the PUPIL–move her hand.  She is making marks in a notebook.  She is making lines, curves, and shadows.  WE CUT BACK TO A MEDIUM CLOSE UP OF THE TEACHER.  She too has a notebook.  On the cover of  her  “white notebook” WE SEE the words “LESSON PLAN”.   As the TEACHER opens the notebook she picks up a pencil and begins making marks.  She makes lines, curves and shadows. AS WE CUT BACK AND FORTH WE SEE that the TEACHER’S lines, curves, and shadows are the “exact same” as her young pupil’s lines, curves and shadows.  They–the Teacher and the Pupil– continue their “mental connection” until both put down their pencils–in unison.   WHAT WE SEE  is “A MAN’S HAT” on both the Pupil’s  and the Teacher’s papers.  Grandly, the young girl–The Pupil–stands, and with notebook firmly in the crease of her elbow she approaches the TEACHER’S DESK.   But–instead of handing in “her”  drawing of “The Hat” she instead switches the papers and pulls a second  paper from her notebook, one with writing from top to bottom, one that she had “completed in full” by herself,  the night before.  Handing the paper across the desk, the Teacher takes the paper, smiling proudly.  The Teacher then stands and walks to a nearby wall.  On the wall WE SEE a cork board covered in “white paper” containing the words “STUDENT OF THE WEEK” in big cut out letters.   The Teacher takes  two “thumb tacks”  and affixes both to her “prize pupil’s work”.   The Teacher returns to her desk, opens a drawer and takes out 5 gold____. More letters?  Moore letters?  5 gold what?   When the TEACHER walks back to the cork board WE FINALLY SEE they are “5 gold STARS”.   The Teacher tacks each star in a row underneath the “prize pupils writing”.  The Teacher stands back in admiration, smiling.  The Teacher then looks back at her “prize pupil” but the “Prize Pupil” is looking elsewhere.  The Prize Pupil’s eyes are fixed on the doorway.  Then, as if signaled via “osmosis” the Teacher walks, translike,  out of the classroom.   She TURNS RIGHT and walks a short distance to a door that contains a sign reading “EXIT”.   The Teacher then opens the door and a MAN  enters.  The man is wearing “THE HAT”.   As–the MAN , also translike, walks–IN SLOW MOTION–down the hall,  WE SEE the young girl–The Pupil–as she stands in the classroom doorway.  Her head looks left.  As THE MAN walks slowly The Pupil continues to look left –expecting–expecting–when “HE” APPEARS.  Rounding the corner , walking, walking also in slow motion is LEE  HARVEY  OSWALD.  HE is in handcuffs, and he is being guarded by two men walking on each side of him.  OVER ALL THE ABOVE WE HEAR THE SONG:  “A View To A Kill”.

VIDEO BELOW:  “A View To A Kill”       


I, Renee Ashley Baker, wrote the above story “The Hat” on July 4, 2008, for U. S. Senator Edward M Kennedy.   “The Hat” by Renee Ashley Baker.  Copyright 2008 by Renee Ashley Baker.  ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. 

I, Renee Ashley Baker, was born in St. Louis Missouri.  I, at this time, invite both Roger Moore and Simon Libon and the other members of “Duran . . . .