Friday Fourth: “4TH Of July”


George Washington\'s home in Mt. Vernon                             VERNON AND ARKANSAS

                  George Washington\'s home in Mt. Vernon

Above, home of President George Washington (in Mt. Vernon)

                                    Arkansas Flag and Banner in Little Rock Arkansas

Above, home of store Arkansas Flag and Banner (in Little Rock)


                             President Franklin D. Roosevelt

In June of  1944 President Roosevelt signed the “G.I. Bill”…. 


                              President Dwight D. Eisenhower 

In June of 1956 President Eisenhower signed the “Federal Highway Act”….



DVD Rentals…..

“Patton”  starring George C. Scott


and….”Born On The Fourth of July” starring Tom Cruise


RECIPES:  Renee’s 4th of July Sandwiches (The Monte Cristo)

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P.S. Madonna is the “Dog” that I’m not going to let “sniff up underneath my dress”….