Glamorous Wednesday: “Night and Day”


                        YOU ARE THE ONE….

For Renee, at Night at the “Yacht Club” maybe?

Harry Winston Attraction Necklace 

 (Harry Winston’s Attraction Necklace)

 Renee during the day at a Yacht Club luncheon….maybe? 

Chanel Resort 2009   

Chanel Resort Collection….

Re:  Destination Hyannisport

Dear WWD Editors:

In lieu of inappropriately revealing swimwear I have opted to pack, instead, for day, long sundresses for sitting by the sand or for lounging by the pool.  And….for Night (evening soirees and yacht parties) I am packing evening gown (but no low cut necklines, I’m on important business).  However, for those who can “show some leg” try the suit below (it’s at Neiman Marcus).

                                        Burberry swimwear at Neiman Marcus

Disney will distribute Renee Ashley Baker’s first motion picture, in movie theatres worldwide, under an “output deal” valued at $53.5 million dollars….Renee Ashley Baker will make a profit of $104.3 million dollars….