History Monday: Screenplay by Renee Ashley Baker

                             By Renee Ashley Baker....



As she sat, she re-played “it” over and over in her head.   To be certain that she had seen what she “thought” she had seen — she  “re-played”  it one more time.   He–the “man”–stood, facing forward, tall and  strait.  His profile was typically caucasion– he was probably a protestant.  He had a strong jaw with a sharp,  pointed, aquiline nose.  He was fifty, maybe, fifty-five, with thick salt and pepper gray hair.  He wore dark black lens sunglasses that fit perfectly underneath the brim of his cap.  His arms–his arm– was long, and his shirt sleeve was short.  It was a hot, hot,  day and this was probably his “summer wear”.   She –would not have continued to stare “but for”  his action.  It (the action) was sharp, quick, very obvious and VERY SMOOTH.  While still facing forward, in profile, he had brought his right hand up, to the right edge of his sunglasses, his long fingers  were flattened out.   In one quick movement  he  “SNAPPED OFF” his sunglasses.  His long arm,  his hand, falling back down to his knee.    It was unmistakeable,  it was clear what he had done.   It was — a SALUTE….