History Monday: The Duke of Achaemenid

  “The Lady Surfaces” (but looks both ways….)

                   Ancient Gold Cup for auction at $980,000

LONDON (AFP)  —  An ancient gold cup “mysteriously” acquired by an English scrap metal dealer is expected to fetch close to $1 million dollars at auction after languishing for years in a “shoe box” under it’s current owner’s bed.

    John Webber (the current owner) says his grandfather gave him the 5.5-inch (14-centimetre) high mug to play with when he was  child back in 1945….For years John assumed the cup was made from brass but got the cup appraised last year and was told that it was actually a rare piece of Persian terasure made out of a single sheet of 4 century BC Achaemenid “gold” hundreds of years before the birth of Jesus Christ.  (The “Achaemenid Empire, the first of the Persian empires to rule over significant portions of Greater Iran, was wipd out by “Alexander The Great” in 330 BC…)

     The auction house “Duke’s” (in Dorcester England) will auction the cup on June 5– expecting to bring some $980,000 U.S. Dollars)

      (Renee’s Aside:  Angelina Jolie might think I’m the two faced fill in the blank on the cup but ‘Hey’ –so I “snapped” okay?

 ….I still won’t be hiring Angelina Jolie as an  actress in any Renee Baker Studios’  motion pictures….).   special thanks: AFP London

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