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Glamorous Wednesday: “Night and Day”

June 30, 2008


                        YOU ARE THE ONE….

For Renee, at Night at the “Yacht Club” maybe?

Harry Winston Attraction Necklace 

 (Harry Winston’s Attraction Necklace)

 Renee during the day at a Yacht Club luncheon….maybe? 

Chanel Resort 2009   

Chanel Resort Collection….

Re:  Destination Hyannisport

Dear WWD Editors:

In lieu of inappropriately revealing swimwear I have opted to pack, instead, for day, long sundresses for sitting by the sand or for lounging by the pool.  And….for Night (evening soirees and yacht parties) I am packing evening gown (but no low cut necklines, I’m on important business).  However, for those who can “show some leg” try the suit below (it’s at Neiman Marcus).

                                        Burberry swimwear at Neiman Marcus

Disney will distribute Renee Ashley Baker’s first motion picture, in movie theatres worldwide, under an “output deal” valued at $53.5 million dollars….Renee Ashley Baker will make a profit of $104.3 million dollars….

History Monday: Home Safe Home

June 29, 2008


Above, Microsoft Corporation  Paul Allen’s mansion in St. Jean Cap Ferret on the French Riviera….

(Renee’s Aside:  “Can I have a seat on the board of Microsoft Corporation Mr. Allen?” and can I lease the Villa?….)



Above, Bob Guccione’s E 67th Street Mansion…For sale at $59 million dollars…. 


June is “Home Safety Month” and the Home Safety Council (HSC) has launched its new INTERACTIVE “home injury prevention” teaching tool at MySafeHome.Org.   This  site invites visitors into a VIRTUAL HOME identifying major risk areas, room-by-room, indoors and out, and presents key safety devices and disaster preparedness plans.

VISIT:  MySafeHome.Org

Renee Ashley Baker is buying a $5.2 million dollar mansion in Washington DC from Sotheby’s International Realty.  It will be the “house that Disney paid for”.   Renee Ashley Baker will make a profit of $104.3 million dollars.  (Disney will distribute, Renee Ashley Baker’s first motion picture, in movie theatres worldwide, under an “output deal” valued at $53.5 million dollars.  Thanks Disney!  And thanks to Paul Allen too…Just kidding….I mean thanks to Mr. Bill Gates too!)

Future Friday:Renee’s $104.3 million

June 27, 2008



“Good-bye George Carlin”




                                            “GOOD-BYE  TIM  RUSSERT”

ABOVE:  Tim  Russert (the past)  with Son Luke (the future) ….






plus….The Boss sings….

NO to Madonna….Madonna is still the “Dog” that I’m not going to let sniff up underneath my dress….



June 24, 2008





 Above, “Woman of the Year” (Charlize Theron) at Harvard’s 58th Hasty Pudding Celebration….(Charlize Theron is being considered as the actress to portray Renee Ashley Baker in her motion picture….)

                                   Renee Ashley Baker as Mermaid

Above, photo of “Renee Ashley Baker” (as Mermaid).  Renee is looking forward to having “champagne and caviar” aboard the “Kennedy yacht” in Hyannisport….”Town and Country”, “The International Herald Tribune” and “The Boston Globe”  are welcome to “cover”  Renee Ashley Baker’s trip to Boston (aka “Destination Hyannisport”).





History Monday: Screenplay by Renee Ashley Baker

June 23, 2008

                             By Renee Ashley Baker....



As she sat, she re-played “it” over and over in her head.   To be certain that she had seen what she “thought” she had seen — she  “re-played”  it one more time.   He–the “man”–stood, facing forward, tall and  strait.  His profile was typically caucasion– he was probably a protestant.  He had a strong jaw with a sharp,  pointed, aquiline nose.  He was fifty, maybe, fifty-five, with thick salt and pepper gray hair.  He wore dark black lens sunglasses that fit perfectly underneath the brim of his cap.  His arms–his arm– was long, and his shirt sleeve was short.  It was a hot, hot,  day and this was probably his “summer wear”.   She –would not have continued to stare “but for”  his action.  It (the action) was sharp, quick, very obvious and VERY SMOOTH.  While still facing forward, in profile, he had brought his right hand up, to the right edge of his sunglasses, his long fingers  were flattened out.   In one quick movement  he  “SNAPPED OFF” his sunglasses.  His long arm,  his hand, falling back down to his knee.    It was unmistakeable,  it was clear what he had done.   It was — a SALUTE….







June 19, 2008



Globetrotter Luggage 

Globetrotter Luggage….Carried by “The Queen”


                                                                      Lilly Pulitzer Spring Collection 2008 

                                         Lilly Pulitzer Spring Collection 2008


Princess Diane von Furstenberg Spring Collection 2008 

Princess Diane von Furstenberg Spring Collection 2008


                                                                        Chanel Resort Collection 2008 

                                                 Chanel Resort Collection 2008


Chanel Spring Collection 2008 

Chanel Spring Collection 2008….”A Tartain Doll”


                                                                                                  Chanel Spring Collection 2008 

                                       Chanel Spring Collection 2008


Chanel Spring Collection 2008 evening

Chanel Spring Collection Evening 2008



                          DIARY:  “DESTINATION  HYANNISPORT”

         I have decided to visit Hyannisport (aka “The Kennedy Compound”)….I will stay for 30-60 days (during the months of July and August 2008)….I have decided to visit Hyannisport for two reasons–(1) it “is” the home of  the legendary President John Fitzgerald Kennedy (he was and still “is” America’s “favorite”  U.S. President) and  (2) I must make the trip to Hyannisport  for “history’s sake”  (and so that I can talk with and meet “my” Kennedy family)….I have decided to “keep a diary” of my stay at Hyannisport also–for “history’s sake”….  (I may or may not “go sailing” on one of those “famous Kennedy boats”).  I will also get to visit the “JFK Library” in Boston–which I will include in “my screenplay”….

   MY PACKING LIST:   My packing list, for Hyannis Port,  will include all the items pictured above plus– 6 pairs of  Jackie O “Bernardo Sandals” .  I will also pack my black Jimmy Choo evening pumps, my Tiffany sunglasses, a Mikimoto Pearl choker with matching pearl bracelet, and a gold Judith Lieber evening clutch…I will Executive Produce my motion picture and U.S. Senator Edward M Kennedy will co-produce and consult….I will make $104.3 million dollars but President John F. Kennedy and U.S. Senator Robert F. Kennedy both–want it that way….

MY MAGAZINE LIST:  Conde Nast, Hearst, Fairchild, Washington Post/Newsweek, Mort Zuckerman’s Publications.  (I, Renee Ashley Baker, will appear on the cover of 22 magazines…)


Glamorous Wednesday: A Modeling World

June 17, 2008


                            “Victoire In Hat”

Victoire In Hat by Jerry Schatzberg 

Photography by Jerry Schatzberg (above and below) 


Plus….Ford’s Model Of The Year for 2008 (name “Hyoni”)

Ford\'s Model of the Year

SCROLL DOWN To View Renee Ashley Baker’s “REVISED” Net Worth Below…

REVISED:Renee Ashley Baker’s Net Worth $104,300,000

June 16, 2008


                        SALES…NOT  PARTNERS….



Renee Ashley Baker’s Motion Picture Sales:

Worldwide Movie Theatre Box Office  Revenues (Distribution by Disney) $60,000,000

Worldwide Newspaper Syndication to 100 Countries (Hill & Knowlton)$25,000,000

Worldwide Movie Home Video/DVD Revenues (Distribution by Disney) $25,000,000

Worldwide Satellite TV Broadcast (Hughes Direct TV) $12,000,000

Worldwide Movie Network TV Premiere Revenues(Broadcast by Disney) $12,000,000     

Worldwide Pay-Per-View/IFC Channel Revenues (Cablevision of New York)$5,000,000

Worldwide Cable TV Broadcast Revenues (Lifetime Channel) $___________

Worldwide Syndicated TV Revenues (Syndicated by Disney or Sony) $12,000,000

Other: Drive In, Airline, Cruise Ships, IMAX $_____________

 Renee Ashley Baker’s Total Assets  $151,000,000


Renee Ashley Baker’s  Washington DC Mansion $5,200,000

Renee Ashley Baker’s  Car (Rolls Royce) $500,000

Renee Ashley Baker’s Diamond Jimmy Choos (in Safety Deposit Box) $1,000,000

Renee Ashley Baker’s Chanel and…. $1,000,000

Renee Ashley Baker’s House Furnishings and Misc $2,500,000

Renee Ashley Baker’s House 2 w/Furnishings$1,500,000

Renee Ashley Baker’s Sub-Total Liabilities $11,700,000 

Renee Ashley Baker’s Advance Repay to Disney$35,000,000

Renee Ashley Baker’s Total Liabilities $46,700,000                           

Renee Ashley Baker’s TOTAL NET WORTH    $ 104,300, 000  



Fathers Day Friday:Fathers Who Are Legends

June 12, 2008



                                   Creed Irish Tweed For Men 


               President John F Kennedy with Caroline and John Jr 1 

President John F. Kennedy with Caroline and John Jr


                 President John F Kennedy with Caroline and John Jr 2 

 President John F. Kennedy with Caroline and John Jr

                    Father Dad Patriarch Joseph P Kennedy with children 

Father-Dad-Patriarch Joseph P Kennedy ….


Mr. David Rockefeller (Dad) 

 Mr. David Rockefeller (Dad)….

Mr. Walt Disney (Dad) 

Mr. Walt Disney (Dad)



Tiffany Atlas watch

                             Tiffany Atlas Watch….


                                    Tiffany money clip

Tiffany Money Clip….

Disney will distribute Renee Baker Studios’ first motion picture, in movie theatres worldwide, under an “output deal” valued at $73.5 million dollars….U.S. Senator Edward M Kennedy will co-produce.

 Bruce (who is employed on the fifth floor of the Denver Public Library) is now “extorting” for that no-talent Beyonce Knowles.  Beyonce Knowles is  the ugly thug “Blood” who can also get sentenced to a “year and a day” on Riker’s Island too….Note:  I’ll be happy (happier) when Colorado’s crooked Governor (Bill Ritter) gets sued into bankruptcy by Cory Voorhis…

Glamorous Wednesday: AT The Movies (On DVD)

June 11, 2008

                                            Tthe Golden Compass

“The Golden Compass” is Part I in Philip Pullman’s Dark Materials Trilogy (The Golden Compass, The Subtle Knife, The Amber Spyglass).   Question: The “polar bear” is on the coat of arms of  what “royal family” ? 

Coat Of Arms Danish Royal Family

Disney will distribute Renee Baker Studios’ first motion picture, in movie theatres worldwide, under an “output deal” valued at $73.5 million dollars….

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