History Monday 2: Man From MARS



                           Phoenix  Mars  Lander

                                    APPLAUSE !   APPLAUSE!

NASA Spacecraft Makes Historic Mars Landing!

      The Phoenix Mars Lander whirled through space at 120,000 mph to complete its pre-progammed touch down on Mars  this past Sunday.  When the craft landed successfully on the “Red Planet” a roomful of NASA scientists  exploded with applause….NASA, has not had a successful “soft landing”  in more than three decades since the twin “Viking”  landed back in 1976….Ed Sedivy (program manager at Lockheed Martin Corp which built the “Phoenix” )described the landing  this way: “We evolve out of this cacoon an spread our wings and we turn into this beautiful butterfly on the surface”….

       Launched last summer , the “Phoenix” traveled 422 million miles over the past 10 months.  The cost of this Mars mission?  Approximately $1 million dollars per mile which–comes out to exactly $422 million dollars!      

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Special thanks: Alice Chang, AP Science Writer

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