Monday: Mothers Who’ve Made History

                                                            First Lady Maria Schwarzenegger (Author,First Lady,Mother) 

Mom’s First:  First Lady Maria Schwarzenegger….

(Maria is of  Irish/German descent and is mother to Katherine Eunice, Christina Maria Aurelia, Patrick Arnold, and Christopher Sargeant)

Renee’s Aside: “Although I’m not going to California I’ve invited Governor Arnold and First Lady Maria to dinner at my home in Washington DC– I’m ordering more plates from Waterford”….

                               First Lady Maria and the First Family

Maria and family attend the premiere of  “Benchwarmers” ….


Nancy Pelosi (Speaker of the House and Mother)

 Mom’s House:  Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi

(Nancy is mother to The House)

                                                            Arianna Huffington (Political Pundit,Author)

Mom’s Right:  Politican Pundit and Author Arianna Huffington


Diane Sawyer (Disney,Journalist,Mother)

Diane Sawyer: Failure was not a possiblity…

(Mother to three step children)


                                                                                  Princess Diane von Furstenberg (Princess,Socialite,Designer,and Mother)

 Princess Diane von Furstenberg : Fear was not an option…

(Mother to Tatiana)


Ann Rice (Novelist)

Ann Rice

(Mother to a “gay son”…Ann is also a “Gay Rights Activist”)


                                                                     JoAnne J.K. Rowling (Novelist)

Joanne J.K. Rowling

(Mother to Harry Potter)


Bette Nesmith Graham (inventor of Liquid Paper correction fluid)

Bette Nesmith Graham….Inventor of Liquid Paper

(Helps mothers eveywhere “correct their mistakes” plus she’s mother to Mike Nesmith of “The Monkees”)


                                                                                            Julie Aigner Clark (inventor of Baby Einstein)


Julie Aigner Clark….Inventor of “Baby Einstein” 

(Helps mothers eveywhere raise “smart babies”)


Sara Blakely (inventor of Spanx Body Shapers) 

Sara Blakely….Inventor of Spanx Body Shapers

(Helps mothers eveywhere look “great”….)                               

The perfect Mother’s Day gift for these moms?  Why Renee’s (I mean Fendi’s) Russian Sable Coat to wear to those late night soirees, galas, and benefits.  The cost: $181,000

Renee Ashley Baker\'s Fendi Russian Sable Coat $181,000

Disney will distribute Renee Baker Studios’ first motion picture, in movie theatres worldwide, under an “ouput deal” valued at $73.5 million dollars….