Future Friday/Belated Green: Mother Earth!

                   Mother Earth

Mother Earth….”What Can I Say?”  (Below Are Some Ways To Go Green)

Green At Home: Read “Go Green: Live Rich” by David Bach

Green At The Office: 

www Officestuffer.com/2008/04/35_green_office_tips_for_earth_html

Green When Living:  www Eartheasy.com 




Louis Vuitton Makeup Case designed by Sharon Stone


Renee Ashley Baker’s Louis Vuitton Makeup Case (designed by Sharon Stone)

                                 ABOUT RENEE ASHLEY BAKER….

         Dear New Readers:  I thought you’d like to know one “fact” about me –which is–I have never, never “been ignored”.    At the age of 7 I was picked/selected to perform “solos” on stage (in front of an audience and under a spotlight).  In grade school I was picked/selected to “student government”, to “honor guard”, to State “square dancing” competitions, and to “drama club”.   In college, I was “invited” to pledge to a “rich girl sorority” (However  I  declined to concentrate on “drama/acting classes”).  And now–I will “Executive Produce” my first motion picture for worldwide theatrical release (NO tv shows– just this motion picture only. And, No to NBC/Universal and No to Warner Bros.  I’m with Disney motion picture distribution–exclusively).   I don’t know the meaning of the word “ignore”–so look out!  My life’s motto (because I’m from St. Louis Missouri)  has always been: “I’ll SHOW YOU BETTER THAN I CAN TELL YOU….”. 


        Dear New Readers:  Here’s the chance to ‘catch up” on some of my past blog posts that you’ve “missed”.  For the next 8 days select from the “catgories” (at right) or select from the “suggested celebrities” (below).   I will resume posting on May 1, 2008….

        P.S.  Once a month I will be writing a “special” column titled, “Stuff White People Don’t Need”….Look for it….

         Very truly yours,  Renee Ashley Baker

          Archive Day 1:  Val Kilmer or ____

          Archive Day 2: Cate Blanchett or ____

          Archive Day 3: Joan Collins or ____

         Archive Day 4:  Tom Cruise or____

         Archive Day 5:  Mel Gibson or ____

         Archive Day 6:  Richard Gere or____

         Archive Day 7:  Princess Diana or ____

        Archive Day 8:   Hillary Clinton or____

        Archive Day 9:   Renee Ashley Baker

       Disney will distribute Renee Baker Studios’ first motion picture, in movie theatres worldwide, under an “output deal” valued at $73.5 million dollars….

Renee’s Aside:  “Thank You Disney!  Now–view Archives Day 1– Day 9” (above)