No  EBAY

        The photography of Renee Ashley Baker (that is– the photography taken by Renee Ashley Baker with her camera phone) does not belong to Warner Bros, does not belong to Disney–and “will not” belong to Ge/Universal….This “photography” shall remain 100% owned by Renee Ashley Baker….

         And though — EBAY is a “wonderful” company  (a “Garage Sale Online”)   I , Renee Ashley Baker, will NOT  allow any of the photography photographed by Renee Ashley Baker to be sold on Ebay.   I, Renee Ashley Baker,  will also remain the “sole copyright owner” of the photographs taken by Renee Ashley Baker”). 

Signed, Renee Ashley Baker

Owner, Renee Baker Studios

View Renee’s photographs (click link below):


photographs copyright by Renee Ashley Baker.  ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.


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