Glamorous Wednesday: Mother’s Day (May 11th)


For: April 2, 2008 ….


Chocolates 2                                                                                               

Noka Vintages Chocolates ($854 per pound)

                                                              Chocolates 1

Neuchatel Of Switzerland Chocolates ($508 per pound)

“Fakes” by Renee Ashley Baker

Rose Teacup #1656 (Photo Above Not For Sale )  “Fakes”  by Renee Ashley Baker”.  Copyright by Renee Ashley Baker.  All Rights Reserved.  (and….Not For Sale)

                                          Mother’s Day

                                 (Getaways To Plan Now!)

I.  Mother’s Day Spa Package

   (For Mom in the ‘Big Apple’)

1.  Bliss in Soho

(Founder Marcia Kilgore says, “Bliss combines and “obsession with celebrities” with old fashioned “friendliness”.  Regulars include movie stars and fashion models).

2.  Other “Upper East Side”  Spas:

      a.   “Djerradines” (founded by French born Yasmine Djerradines):

     b.   The Spa at Equinox :

II.  Mother’s Day Package

         (Mom by herself)

These are mainly for mother’s residing on the “East Coast”….


III.  Mother’s Day Package

          (Mom With “Mickey”)

The Disney name says it all….


IV.  Mother’s Day Package

        (Mom With Children)

These “trips” are from 2007 but they’re still great “packages” for Mom and the Kids….


V.   Mother’s Day at the Ice Cream Parlor or the Corner Candy Store….

         (Mom at Home)

        a.  Try a lovely crystal bowl full of “Jelly Belly” jelly beans (to have with a cup of  “Constant Comments”  or “Lipton tea”).

       b.  Try an old fashioned “ice cream sundae parfait” for six that is made of–what else– but “Oreo Cookies and Cream” (click link below for Renee’s ‘own’ original recipe !):