Preview: Renee’s Endeavors “On The Set”

                                                           Chanel Evening 2                                      

                               “Fashion:  Renee’s Chanel Order”

            To:  Chanel

            Below are the “outfits” that I wish to order  from Chanel.   I’ll want them in your “largest” pret-a- porter sizes….(I am not fat but  I am  not a “bone showing” size 2 either).

           As you can see  ( link below) this wardrobe (this “War—robe”) has to carry me through the day “on the set”,  “at the office”,  at “dinner or event”, and on weekends (for shopping or for facials at the salon).

           After,  this “2008 spring-summer/fall winter season” I would like (for 2009) a “look book” and– I’d like “front row seats” at your show.  (I’m not “good friends” with any celebrities yet so I’ll probably come alone.  Unless, say,  actress Catherine Deneuve would “sit with me” at the Paris shows).

          Anywho  I will  be in for “couture” fittings (for a  “Ball Gown” and three or four Chanel suits which I want “lined” in patterned silk and “trimmed” in sable….)         

           I look forward to meeting with you at your Washington  DC store which– I believe– is inside the Watergate Hotel.   (Note:  I “will” be handing in my “white pages” once I have arrived in Washington DC but–I “won’t” be doing “this”  at the Watergate).

           Continued thanks.  
          Very truly yours,

         Renee Ashley Baker                            

                             On ” The Set” :  Chanel Denim

                             At “The Office”: Dresses and heels




    For Dinner or other Events: cocktail dresses, evening gowns, and the lace evening pant

                            Chanel scarves
                            Chanel quilted chain handbag
          Chanel spectator flats/Chanel tennis                                       
                            Chanel jewelry
                            Chanel Red lipstick



           Thank you Disney for the $73.5 million!                  



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