Movie Thursday: STATUES (Without Limitations)

                                              Goddess Themis Blind Justice


Hera:  Queen Of The Goddesses

Signature Look:  Imperious Yet Approachable

(Renee’s Aside: A ‘Chanel’ Woman I Presume”. click link below)

Artemis:  Goddess Of The Hunt

Signature Look:  Chiffon, Bows (and Arrows)

(“Renee’s Aside:  Saint Yves–Laurent That Is”.  click link below)

Athena:  Goddess Of War

Signature Look:  Tough Headgear

(“Renee’s Aside: Helmut  Lang  Ready To Wear”. click link below)

Chloris:  Goddess Of Flowers

Signature Look:  An “Explosion” Of Blooms

(“Renee’s Aside: A Rose Is A Rose”.  click link below)

Aphrodite:  Goddess Of Desire, Beauty and Love

Signature Look:  Flowing Locks With An Unlocked Heart

(“Renee’s Aside:  Lanvin For Romance”. click link below)

And regarding “Fashion Week”: 

I was glad to see (on a tv commercial) that the clothing labels of  ugly Sean Puffy Combs and of “ugly” Kimora Lee had been “dumped” in the flea market where they belong….

special thanks: The New York Times, New York Magazine, Tash on Thompson on Flickr,  and So Schwul on Flickr.