Glamorous Wednesday: Brigitte/Renee….


Brigitte Bardot and Harley Davidson       

          Pamela Anderson  performed Brigitte Bardot’s famous song “Harley Davidson” at the Crazy Horse in Paris France….She (Pamela Anderson) walked out on stage wearing a sheer black bodystocking but stripped naked in front of two sold out audiences.  The Press and the Media were told “non pas entrez”.  (That means “Do Not Enter” in French).   Anyway,  Pam did “BB”  (and the audience)  proud as the ‘Valentine’s Day’  crowd  paid a whopping  $300 a ticket….  Unfortunately, there was no such “funny Valentine”  from hubby Rick as Pam is seeking to get out of her  “4 month marriage”….(For those who may not know,  Rick Saloman, was the former boyfriend of another  uberfemme fatale, Paris Hilton….)        

Brigitte Bardot           Pamela Anderson

         Passing the torch?….

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