Glamorous Wednesday: Renee’s Walker Wardrobe

Renee Ashley Baker’s Shoe Wardrobe (below):


Jimmy Choo evening 1

                                         Jimmy Choo red patent 2

Jimmy Choo white pump 3Renee Ashley Baker’s  Jimmy Choos (in Red Patent and in Black Chain Mail….to wear to dinner with Val Kilmer)


Tamara Mellon 2

Christian Louboutin 1

Renee Ashley Baker’s Christian Louboutin evening pump (fit for a Mermaid, I’d say)….and

                                        Christian Louboutin 2

Renee Ashley Baker’s Christian Louboutins: Custom Made….

           Christian Louboutin can be custom made to ensure the shoe really fits.  For $2,500 you can have a mold of your foot made and pick and choose the fabric for your ultimate design.  Average cost of this luxury?  $3,000-$5,000. 

Part III:  Three “shoe” stories:

Story one: “Renee Ashley Baker’s Shoe Wearing”

       I’ve always been a “shoe horse” so , when I spent $85.00  on a pair of white Bally of Switzerland  “tennis shoes”,  the “office” , where I worked at the time, would spend all day staring at my feet.  (I’d sit with my feet propped up on my desk, just to “cause a commotion” in the office).   Anyway, I’d wear my white “Bally tennis shoes” with white “lace” ankle socks.  I ‘d wear black skin tight  exercise pants and  a tube top under a  black blouse.  (This outfit turned up on Sharon Stone in “Total Recall”.   It’s the scene where she’s kicking at Arnold Schwarzenegger in their living room.  Not a “good scene” for my outfit to be in,  but, since Arnold was playing a “Company”  bad guy–I guess it’s okay….). 

Story two: “Renee Ashley Baker Seeing A Shoe”.

          “Black–the two of them were wearing all black.  They both were wearing black trench coats on top of  all black clothes.  They were also both “blonde”.  ( Immediately I thought they were boy friend and girl friend but soon found out that they were “brother and sister”.    He– was movie star handsome and she, well, read on)….On their feet, were “Doc Martens”.   Black, knee high, and the shiniest shoes–boots– I had ever seen.  I didn’t think a shoe could shine that much and “not” have diamonds on it.  The shoes–the “Doc Martens” were what the military would  call “spit shined”.   But–what I found even more fascinating was the girl–the sister–the “blonde”.   Her eyebrows were pencil thin, and she had a “clef” in the center of  her chin.  Her skin was “porcelain white”  and perfect,  (I mean, her skin was flawless).   I stared, and stared, and stared.  I stared because she was a “twin, a look-a-like,  a “doppleganger”  for  Greta Garbo!   She was a “ghost”,  from the 1930’s,  standing in front of me.  She should be “modeling” I thought,  for Eileen Ford maybe.  But I suspected that she’d never do anything like “modeling”.  She was just interested in “astonishing people” with her resemblence to “the”  Greta Garbo….”

Story three: “Renee Ashley Baker Buying A Shoe”.

         “I was, as I’d been doing since I was 17 years old, looking through the pages of a “fashion magazine”.  It was “Vogue”  (or maybe “Harper’s Bazaar”  I can’t remember).  And…I loved them at first sight.  And… I said (to myself), “diamonds are a girl’s best friend”.   I typed up a letter and sent it –faxed it–to Jimmy Choo’s offices in New York City”.  The letter said,  ‘I must, must, must have a pair of your  “Roman sandals” –the ones– with the 33 and 1/3 carat diamonds on each ankle–the ones that cost $1 million dollars a pair….That’s it.   That’s all. I have them.   And…I’m keeping them in a “safety deposit box” at the bank to be worn only  to soirees, balls, galas, and  cultural events at The Kennedy Center in Washington DC.  Thank you Mr. Choo and thank you again Disney! ”

Disney will distribute Renee Baker Studios’  first motion picture,  in movie theatres,  worldwide under an “output deal” valued at $73.5 million dollars….


Note 1.   To set the record straight,  I have never attended Metro State College in Denver.

Note 2.  Still “NO” to Gail/Gale.  Still “NO” to Madonna. (I “can’t stand” Madonna).

special thanks: The Right Celebrity